Fifties 50s Party

50's Party -13yr- Juke Box & Ice Cream Float Décor




Rock n Fifties Party


Caitlin in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania


October 2006


Honorable Mention

A 50's Party can be so much fun for all ages! But planning is the key to a "Swingin' Good Time!"

For the party, my Mom made me a light pink felt poodle skirt with a white poodle. I wore a plain white long sleeve shirt. I tied a light pink sash around my neck and around my ponytail. My Dad, wore jeans, a white short sleeve shirt and his leather jacket. He also gelled his hair and kept a comb in his back pocket! My Mom dressed as a Car Hop! Apron, name tag, and everything! It was really neat!

INVITATIONS: I got black constrution paper and a few metallic markers. I folded the paper in half and cut it in a circle leaving a few inches at the top uncut so they could open it like a card. In silver on the front i filled in a circle in the middle so that it would look like a record. Then, I wrote "You're Invited To Caitlin's 13th Birthday Party!!" Inside I wrote the date, time, etc. But Instead of Saying Place: My house, I put Place: Caitlin's Fun-Time Diner. I also asked them to be dressed for a 50's themed good ol' time! Inside the "record" invites, I wrote on a note card information about being dressed in-theme. If they didn't have a poodle skirt I told them to wear their long "flowing" skirts (that I knew they had) and I would make felt Poodle cutouts to pin to their skirt. I was surprised at how mcuh fun they had getting all dressed up for my party!

For decorations, I hung streamers in my p"party colors" that I picked out (black, white, light pink, nad a little bit of aqua). I also had balloons in the same colors all over the place!! For the tables, my Mom and I put the colored streamers running down the tables.

For centerpieces, I got 2, one for each table, trash cans (in white). Then, I stuffed them with old newspapers. On the top i covered all the newspaper with light pink constrution paper. Then, I took white stuffing (the kind for stuffing pillows and such when sewing) and placed some in the middle (but not completely covering the pink). I purchased two small styrafome balls and painted them red and stuck then right on top of the stuffing. Then, with paper towel rolls that i painted white with red stripes, I stuck it in the side. Wall-La! An ice-cream float centerpiece! I had some balons next to these too! All my friends LOVED the floats! It was worth the time and energy! (Also, the floats can be easily put together with hot glue!)

I also used a large box laying around at my house and painted it to look like a juke box! Once again, woth the time and energy!! I used a picture from the computer to paint my juke box. I placed in my basement (where most of the party was taking place) where there was a spot behind it to place my CD player (slelf, table, etc.)which was playing 50's music the enitre time! Also, my mom and I cut out black paper records and music notes and placed them all the place!! I also had a mini gum ball machine that I put out and filled with gum. My friends really liked it! (Small, plastic gum ball machines can be purchased usually for a cheap price). I also had a poster board that looked like a menu and listed all the foods we were going to have!

FOOD AND THE CAKE: For the main foods, we had pizza nad fries, both simple foods that almost all people will enjoy. I also had bowls with chips and candy out around the party area. When I was searching the internet for a real neat cake idea, we came across this one! My Mom made a rectangular chocolate cake with chocholate icing (My FAVEORITE!). Then, we got a piece of cardboard and glued a picture of a Grease scene that my Dad found on the Internet. We stuck this in one end of the cake. Then, we cleaned some of my brother's old matchbox cars and placed all around facing the "screen". It looked just like a drive-in! It was a real hit!!!

ACTIVITIES: My parents and I made a schedule of what we were going to do at what times. From the start of the party for about a half hour or until everyone arrived, we danced to 50's music. It was lots of fun!! We have lots of pictures from this! Then we played a few games. We played the classics such as Limbo, Hula-Hoop contests, and Pin The Ponytail on Sandy. We also had a bag of papers with 50's themed things to act out in our game of charades. (These were made before the party).

Then we ate our meal and our sundeas. Then we did the cake. (We were prepared with cling wrap so the guests could take their cake home because they were full by then!) Then, I opened my presents and we played a few more games. Then we all settled down and watched Grease until they had to go home. We made basic goodie bags but feel free to get REALLY creative with them! The guests will love them! We had older types of candy, like Bazooka gum, Pop Rocks, etc… We also had pencils with music notes. This was one of my best birthday [arties ever! And my friends really enjoyed it too. =)

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