Fifties 50s Party

Rock & Roll Party -16yr- Records & Posters Décor




Rock n Fifties Party


Megan in Florida


September 2006



I'm having a Rock & Roll concert themed 16th Birthday. I like to do graphic design so

I made the invites with guitars and records on them, I put them in envelopes and I put a wristband with them.

Everyone has to wear the wristband to get in and dress like rock stars. I am going to have it at a clubhouse of a local neighborhood.

I am also having like a "red carpet" at the entrance where there will be people snapping photos and everything.

I dont like regular cake, so I am having a cookie cake made with a guitar on it.

For the food I am having like concession stand food or like what you would get at concerts, and a popcorn machine for everyone to munch on.

Also there will be a disco ball and lots of glow sticks and necklaces. I am using records, posters, and such to decorate.

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