Fifties 50s Party

Sock Hop -14yr- Poodle Skirts & Cuffed Jeans




Rock n Fifties Party


Denise in Stoughton WI   USA


March 2007


Honorable Mention

Sock Hop can be as simple as playing 50-60's music, the movie Grease, even Some Elvis movies.  However for our daughters 14 Bday this is what we did: We went all out on this one because her Bday is ON Halloween so this was the 1st non-Halloween themed party we've had. 

Invitations:  Bought some old 45's cut a 3 piece out of it then Jess put construction paper behind the 45" attached it so it would spin.  Then made a small tab on each with the girls names on them. They would turn the tab and we wrote the party details around it.  Another keepsake for each teen.  Ordered those wall decorations of jukebox guitars diner and Elvis. We then attached them to cardboard with double face tape then cut them out and stood them up around our garage so we made it feel like an old time diner.  Had teal and pink and black balloons and cut out records hanging from the ceiling.  Made a cool menu then covered them with clear contact paper so they could take them home. 

We made: Snow cones/slushies Chicken wings mini hamburgers hot dogs and home- made fries. Dessert was Ice cream cupcakes popcorn cake homemade popcorn balls.  Listed all the sodas and put photos of 50's items all over it. Had the date time etc. on the front of the menu and named it Sime's Diner and Malt Shoppe located in Steve's Auto Garage. 

Bought glasses that looked like the old soda glasses from the thrift store and decorated them with Elvis and record stickers then had each of their names on the glasses made with stickers--another item to take with them.  Dual purpose item. I had plastic bags for each teen to put the dirty glasses in.  Instead of plates we found at thrift stores those plastic baskets.  Used Large Coffee filters to put in each.  Used for their plates and they could take them home. Pink and Aqua or Teal Napkins and pink utensils. 

We had 12 girls for 9 hours-not overnight.  That was too long 6 hours is more then enough unless they can't be outside.  Made a bunch of cut out cookies: Poodles-Records etc.  Then made frosting and put food coloring in them watered it down a little and put in bottles so they could decorate then eat them.  Red lipstick-blindfold and had played "Who can kiss Elvis on the Lips" Use a poster or photo.   BE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES  They played Volleyball frisbee kickball basketball etc.. 

Gift bags:  Each received a small blow up guitar bubbles homemade magnet with 50's stuff on it the cookies they made the glass they used and the menu we made. Then for the thank you Jess gave them each a photo from the day and a note. 

We also had the girls where 50's clothes. Poodle skirts (easy to make) jeans rolled up and little white socks scarves in their hair or around the neck.   The food was all buffet style. I had plenty of snacks like animal crackers licorice chips popcorn pretzels etc. Table clothes for buffet where black and white checkered and plain black ones.  The tables they sat at we bought 50's table clothes.  This was all done in our garage.  They only came inside for the restroom. 

Had the Grease movie and soundtrack on brought our old beanbags and big pillows and blankets out borrowed tables and we used our plastic outdoor chairs. We used some white Christmas lights around the food area.    They had a ball yes we went overboard but it was worth it so fun and the girls LOVED IT! Nothing better then memories.  I still have kids comment about her Halloween parties that her entire class would come out for.  I would say that we spent more money on decorations then normal.

The food wasn't that expensive could make most of it ahead of time and reheat it.  It seems like a lot but we had been planning this party for 2 months and Jess helped from day one.   You could also make a cake in the shape of a record or a jukebox.  The cupcakes were easy and we put blue and pink sugars on top.  You could even bake the cupcakes in ice cream cones.            "

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