Beach Party

Surf Bash -13yr- Pack Your Suitcase Game




Beach Party


Nicole in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US


January 2012


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted a surfing party, to be like the movie Soul Surfer and to be like Bethany Hamilton. She is a BIG BIG BIG fan!Heres how her party was and how we started out.I threw my party at my house in the basement, I do not live near a shore point, but you could throw it near a pool or on the beach, my daughters birthday is in January so we couldn't get a pool or go to the beach  

INVITATIONS: I started out with construction paper and card board. I cut the pieces of cardboard into a surfboard. Put her favorite color over it and wrote RIP CURL on the front on the back wrote the information : SURFS UP CHICKAS!! Its _______'s party. The heat (surf time you go to for the surf contest) is:  _ to _ PM. The Beach Hut is 1659 _____ St. The party is Saturday ______ ,2012. 

DECORATIONS: I got some stuff from I made a lot of things. I made a Hawaiian skirt table skirt out of green construction paper (you could also use tan). I made signs like surfs up and such. I made quotes from the movie Soul Surfer and Blue Crush. I got a blue table cover (Dollar Tree) and put two pieces of tape at the ends and taped it onto the floor but I wrinkled it up to look like a wave and taped it like that. I got Green crepe paper and hung it from the ceiling . I got blue crepe paper too. I borrowed my neighbors sand box, went to home depot and bought some sand and put it into the crab sand box and put a tub of water next to it. 

ACTIVITIES: Once they arrived my daughter put a lei on their necks and said aloha! After everyone got to our house, we ate.We made our own Hawaiian bracelets (OTC),made smoothie glasses (Dollar tree) decorated them with glitter and beach stickers. 

GAMES:We played musical beach towel (just like musical chairs but with a beach towel),We played pass the coconut, I bought a coconut from the grocery store. We also played pack your suitcase, were going to Hawaii! This game is a game where your guests split into two teams and have a suit case at the other end of the room and clothes at where you;r team starts, you have to pack your suitcase and close it before the other team. 

COSTUMES: My daughter and her friends dressed up in Hawaiian lei coconut bras and skirts (that I bought from OCT) 

FOOD/PARTY SNACKS: For dinner we had Hawaiian pizza (Ham and Pineapple) We had Hawaiian punch and pop corn, chips, pretzels,and goldfish.You could serve fish, or whatever your daughter or son wants. 

CAKE: I ordered a cake from my local bakery with a picture of my daughters role model : Bethany Hamilton on it!  Favors: I got the favor boxes from Oriental Trading Company. They were beach huts, I filled them with candy,beach balls,sun glasses,flower hair clips and the stuff they have made.


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