Beach Party

Beach Cottage Weekend -14yr- Twisted Chinese Auction




Beach Party


Erin in Durban, South Africa


December 2013


Honorable Mention

This is what I did for my 14th birthday.  

Invites: I had 6 best friends (VIP's) and they all got a glass bottles, filled with sea sand, sea shells, and miniature umbrellas. Also in the bottle was a rolled up piece of paper, faded brown, and burnt around the edges, explaining all the details for the party. My party took place over the whole weekend.  

Party: On Friday, after school, my 6 VIP's and I were picked up in a Limo ! ! ! I was SO happy and it was such a surprise ! We then headed down to a huge beach cottage where we would be spending the better part of the weekend.  By the time we reached the cottage, it was late, so we settled in, ate dinner, and went for a late night beach swim, which was super fun ! We then went back to the beach cottage and watched a couple of movies, played Truth or Dare, and just chilled until we fell asleep. 

The next day, we were up early, ready for a big day. After eating breakfast, we went for a quick dip in the ocean. Then, to our complete joy, we found out that my parents had hired snorkelling and surfing instructors, so we had a lot of fun with that ! For lunch, my parents laid out a series of Help Yourself Snacks". Then we tanned on the beach and had sand castle competitions (sounds lame but super fun) and then winner/s got a gift card. After a bit of lazing around we went on a boat ride on the waves and we all got soaked ! We then came back inside the house and just chilled until dinner which was hamburgers.

After dinner we played a game called "Twisted Chinese Auction" (Explained later). After the game we were exhausted so we watched another movie and then went to the beach again but didn't swim instead we swam in our pool until like 1:00am.  The next day we were taken to a mall and given a scavenger hunt list ! The items included necklaces earrings t-shirts paper slips names of people prices of items and everything!

When we got back my mom had a surprise for us... We were going to a photoshoot with real professionals ! When we got there the people had set out a huge pile of clothes shoes jewellery make-up and hair products for us to use ! We all got to do each others make-up and hair ! It was so fun ! After the photoshoot we stopped in at the mall for a quick lunch then went home. When we got home my parents told us to put our costumes on and go down to the beach so we did. When we got down there about 200 of my other friends were already dancing / swimming and everyone yelled out surprise ! ! It was a surprise party ! I had so much fun dancing and swimming with all my friends until about 10:00pm when everyones parents came to pick them up.  

Decorations: the cottage did really have any decorations but the dance on the beach was all Hawaiian themed with coconut and pineapple balloons palm trees green and pink streamers lei's hula hoops grass skirts etc. The food tables were covered in a green table cloth and scattered with palm leaves sand and flowers. We had tiki torches and limbo poles as well.  

Activities: my VIP's and I went snorkelling boat riding surfing and had a photoshoot as well as a lot more unplanned fun. We also had the dance which had limbo competitions dance competitions and karaoke. We also had a photobooth.

Games: We played Twisted Chinese Auction which is when you have a lot of wrapped presents and you go around in a circle rolling a dice. The first person to roll a six gets to choose one of the presents but can not open it. The next person to roll a six can either take the present from the person or choose another present from the table and so on so forth. 

Party Snacks: Apart from dinner breakfast and lunch with my VIP's we had a lot of food at the dance. This included fruit kebabs a chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmellows skittles sparkles lots of crisps twizzlers lollipops and much more. We also had an ice-cream bar with lots of toppings. For drinks we had non-alcholic punch cool drinks fruit juices and water.

Cake: My cake was huge ! It was three tiers. The bottom tier (Vanilla) was light green with patterns stencilled on it. The 2nd tier (chocolate) was hot pink with black zebra stripes. And the top tier (Vanilla) was orange with lots of sparklers and decorations on. 

Favors: my VIP's got a gift bag. In it was a framed photo of us at the photoshoot everything they bought on the scavenger hunt a gift card to Claire's a picture of them either snorkelling or surfing and bar of chocolate. Everyone else got a giant lollipop (not expensive if you buy in bulk) and a pic of everyone at the dance. It was the most amazing party ever a little expensive but super fun ! Hope I helped ! Have an amazing party !

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