Beach Party

Bonfire Party -13yr- Beach in a Bag Invite




Beach Party


Nisha in Somewhere in somplace, USA


February 2007



For my 13th birthday I wanted something special since a girl only turns into a teenager once! But nothing too big. I chose a Bonfire Beach Bash!!! I invited 22 girls (no boys, my mom doesn't really like the boy girl party idea).

I handed the invites in a creative way... I put them in a plastic baggy, w/ sand and shells on it to represent the beach theme!  Everyone loved the idea!  (Note: You could do the same thing with small plastic bottles; beach in a bottle invite.)

For the party, I'm having a tiki bar" (really a table with smoothies). And other drinks like sodas. Plus lots of yummy food. But you can't have a bonfire w/o smores!!!!

Theres going to be a volleyball net too. (our backyard is pretty big.)

Were going to have beach towels layed on the grass for sitting and a couple beach chairs (there is going to be more d├ęcor outside to make it feel beachy- you can get this stuff at places online like

Were going to have 22 beach towels; enough so everyone has one to take home.

An exciting craft were doing is painting flip flops plus they get leis too!

And lastly to top a party DO NOT FORGET MUSIC!! Lol.

I hope you have a great party too! I know I will."

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