Beach Party

Beach House/River -14yr- Jet Skis & Tubing




Beach Party


Alex in Oviedo Florida United States


July 2009



For my 14th birthday party i wanted something my friends would remember and something not many ppl have done yet. So i decided to go to my uncles house on a river next to the beach.

INVATATIONS: I went to the dollar store and got a beach ball for every person i was inviting. I blew up the beach ball and wrote everything i needed to including to  meet at my house at 9:00 am and to bring a bathing suit/s. Once everyone got to my house we got into the car and had to drive two hours to get to my uncles house! We blasted the music, read magazines, played i have never and some other fun games on the car ride. We stopped by Subway on the way there for lunch. Thats why we had to leave so early.

ACTIVITIES: We went jetskiing and tubing on saturday. When we were done we went to the beach until it got dark. Then we came back to my unlces house and had dinner. WE made hamburgers and hotdogs. When we were done we decorated a picture frame that we got from michaels craft store. We painted them and put different things on them like seashells and beads on them and we put a pic of us on the boat in that we went on the next day.

GAMES: We played a bunch of games like truth or dare, man hunt, flashlight tag, blind makeovers, manis and pedis and took a ton of pics. Then we watched The Haunting in Conneticuit and then we made tye dye shirts and we wore them the next day. We had popcorn, chips, chocolate covered strawberries and other yummy snacks while making our crafts and watching our movies. We watched some other chick flicks when we were done with our tye dye.

When we woke up the next morning we had pancakes and waffles for breakfast. Then we went on the boat and went fishing and got killer tans :) Then we had a water balloon fight, went jetskiing again and went swimming in the river.

CAKE: I had a chocolate cake with Chocolate icing and purple letters that said happy 14th birthday Alex!

FAVORS: for favors we had the picture frame with the pic, the tye dye shirts and I got some clear jars from michaels and filled it up with red m&ms, yellow skittles, pink star bursts ect.. And layered the different candies and wrote their names on the jar in marker. Then we drove home and their parents picked them up around nine. A week later I sent them a thank u card with pictures in it. I hope my idea worked for u! I had a ton of fun! <3

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