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Beach Party -13yr- Fun Beach Gazebo




Beach Party


Jessica in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada


July 2007



I'm turning 13 and I want my party to be the best beach party my friends have ever been to.  I decided to have a beach themed party because my birthday is in the summer.  

INVITATIONS: For my invitations I printed the party information (date, time, location, my phone number, and a list of stuff to bring) on white paper and then glued it on to a piece of yellow paper a bit bigger than the white one so that there was a border around it.  Then I did the same thing again with a blue piece of paper. 

LOCATION:  Since there is a gazebo at my local beach, we're having everyone meet there.  We are setting down a couple of large beach blankets on the ground for everyone to sit on.  We are bringing down enough lawn chairs for everyone to sit on.  We are setting up tables to put all the snacks and drinks on.  We are planning on roping off a section of the beach with yellow and orange ribbons. 

FOOD: For snacks we decided on chips and a few different kinds of candy.  We also bought pina colada flavoured popsicles.  For drinks we are making a tropical punch. It has pinapple juice, mango juice, strawberry juice and gingerale (sprite works too).  Since my party is from 2pm until 10pm (I mother was crazy to let me have that long of a party), we ordered a bunch of hawaiin pizzas from New Orlean's" to go along with the beach theme. 

CAKE: For my cake we made a rainbow bit cake in the shape of a rainbow.  Then we made a bunch of cupcakes and put yellow icing on them to look like little suns.  Then we got some toothpicks and taped little paper suns on the top that said 'FUN IN THE SUN' and stuck one in each cupcake.  

ACTIVITIES: We went to the dollar store and bought each guest an air matress.  We are going to go out into the water and all stand on our matress and see who can balance on it the longest.  We also bought a badminton net so we can use it for a game of beach volleyball.  We hired a professional sand sculpter to show us how to make (and sculpt)the perfect sand castle. 

TREAT BAGS: We bought each guest a beach ball and a pernanant marker and we are getting everyone to sign each other's beach balls so that we can remember who was at the party.  We also gave everyone an air matress and a bag of chocolates from the local candy shoppe. 

After we are done at the beach we are going back to my house for a bonfire.  We are going to roast hotdogs and marshmallows and make smores.  There are 6 people who I invited to sleepover.  We are having a beach movie night in my basement."

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