Beach Party

Teen Beach Party -15yr- Vollyball Tournament




Beach Party


Addison and Jake in Malibu, Cali, USA


July 2007



Teen Beach Party. For our 15th B-day, we decided to have a Beach Bash, since our birthday's in summer. Here's how it went:

INVITAIONS: We invited about 12 people; 6 of my girl friends, and 6 of my bro's guy friends (were all good friends, though). The invites were beach balls that had all the basic info wrote on in permanent marker. I deflated them and delivered them to our friends (I also called them to make sure they blow it up to read it). This makes a fun alternitive to regular paper invites.

DECOR: We had the party at our local beach. To make sure the guests knew where we were, we set up a big gazebo with green and blue baloons that had PARTY" written on them. There were some tables under the gazebo and a grill for the food. Our close family friend owns a plant buissiness so we managed to get a couple of real little palm trees for extra decor. Out of the gazebo we set up a large volleyball net.

FOOD: For the grill we got hamburgers and hot dogs. We set up a big punch bowl with a green fizzy drink (half parts ginger ale half parts 7up and a carton of green sherbert ice cream) and to really dress it up we put toy sharks and dolphins in there! We also had a sundae buffet where guests could make whatever sundae they like and chips pops and other snacks like that. The cake was blue and had surfbords on it.

ACTIVITEIES: When the guests first arrived we just chilled under the gazebo untill everybody showed up. Then we ate and swam and played volleyball. Bassically the guests could do whatever they wanted. Then we had cake and opened presents.

Once that was done we had the volleyball tournament. Which ever team won got a giant candy bar.

Next we did the surfing tounament. Whoever gets the highest score from the "judges" (3 of my best friends) wins another giant candy bar.

Then it got dark and my mom and dad left and we lit up the firepit. We all just sat around it and talked and played truth or dare.

Then everybody left and we went home.   That was a fun party for everyone!   Take our tips and you can have a great party like this one!"

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