Beach Party

Sweet Beach -14th- Scavenger Sandcastle Contest




Beach Party


Sarah in Mineola, New York, United States


July 2007



My birthday is in August and I love the beach so I figured: BEACH PARTY!

For invitations, i'll take small beach balls and put all the information on them, towel, swimsuit etc. I'll hand them out personally because obviously you can't mail a beach ball! My plan is to have 8 of my closest friends meet up pretty early at my house. After we meet and greet every one we'll split up into my parent's cars (or hummer limo, I still have to see about that one) and head off to the beach. The beach is only 15-20 minutes away, so we won't get too tired chatting away in the car. Once we get there we'll set ourselvs up, and hang out in the sun and or in the ocean.

After that, we'll stat the scavenger hunt/sandcastle building contest. We'll pick our groups of three out of a hat (so no one gets upset) and each team will be given a large sea shell with a list of things they need to find in 30-45 minutes.

After that we'll split up along the beach and search for our items. After the time is up, we'll stat building. My parents will be the judges, so i'll send them off on a walk while we build. After we're all finished, i'll call them over to judge the best one. Which ever team wins will be given a prize, and smaller prizes will be given out to the losers.

After that my parents will grill food on the BBQ, and then we'll eat some lunch! After we have all digested, we will head for the vollyball courts for some games (again ocl teams out of a hat) then some tag or capture the flag.

After that we'll just hang taking lots of pictures and playing in the water. Soon it will be time to eat dinner and we'll do the same kind of BBQ, except with different food of course!

Then, we'll sit on the sand dunes watching the sun set and talking nonstop about high school next year. Since some of my friends won't be going to the same High School, we'll get to hang for one of the last times.

Then we'll eat a Chipwhich cake (put two pizza sized chocolate chip cookes on top of vaniella ice cream and make it like a sandwhich) Then when it gets dark we'll change into some warmer clothes and sit by a bonefire roasting marshmellows and opening presents. Then we'll drive home and their parents will come to pick everyone up!

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