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Alice in Wonderland Party




October 2007



My daughter wanted a tea party for her 17th birthday this year - so, I decided that we could do Alice in Wonderland, A MadHatter Tea Party.

We printed out invite info with a catchy slogan telling them to dress in funny attire, then put the invite info on a large playing card with ribbon.

We made lots of signs wrong way" "this way" "that way" to make a maze.  We had the party at our church that has 3 levels so to enter thru a red curtain and out to the party.

There was a large table (2 - 8' tables) made into a large banquet style table decorated with lots of bright candy's in jars cookies cakes and drinks.

We played the Alice in Wonderland sound track. Kids signed a little tea set for the birthday girl as a gift for her to keep reminding her of a fun day. Every 15 min we made them get up run around the table and switch seats like the movie.

The cookies had "taste me" "try me" "eat me" and ect from the movie on them with drink me on the drinks. We did bright paper plates and funky cups.

For decorations we had drawn all the character's out on poster board and hung them around the room with bright color steamers. We used bright colored daisy's in pots that looked like they were singing like the movie.

We also had a little tot table for out little ones they drank from little plastic tea sets with all the goodies at their table to - animal crackers candy corn licorice that they cut the ends to make straws. They dressed up in their best little ball dresses and had a good time with the teenagers.

The cake was a 4 tier chocolate cake that was lopsided and we put bright colored licorice to decorate it the icing was the same color as the cat in the movie and we put 17 sparkler candles on it.

They had a great time! For a game idea we had them split into 2 teams and build houses from cards. "

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