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Alissa in Wonderland -15yr- Flamingo Croquet





Alice in Wonderland Party


Alissa in Clearwater, FL United States


March 2007



For my 15th birthday, I am had a Alice In Wonderland themed party. Since my name is Alissa, I Changed it to Alissa in Wonderland".  

For my invitations I printed up letters to all of my invitees. It said "Alissa In Wonderland" and gave the date time place etc. I put them all in evelopes to make it more elegant with each persons name written in calligraphy on the front. (Miss or Mr.such and such) It was a big hit when I handed the invitations out personalized envelopes make people feel more important. 

Since I have a fairly large group of friends I needed a place to hold everyone. I decided on the park because it fits the theme wonderfully and is inexpensive. The central park at my house has a miniature train that I rented for the length of my party. If you don’t have something like that renting a person to do caractitures would be a great alternative.
Since I have friends that need to be constantly entertained I had to come up with a lot of games. Some ideas were of course flamingo croquet. I also bought fabric white roses and red markers. You had to paint the roses red in the time limit. We had tea cup relays where you put the tea cup on your head with water in it and ran to one end of the field and back.

We also had pin the smile on the cheshire cat a costume contest a cookie eating and a spinning game (much like the one with the baseball bat you had to spin around and run back.)  I bought Alice in Wonderland The book to give as prizes and The movie to give to the winner of the costume contest. 

I also rented a shelter at the park. There were 4 table and each table had a theme. My 3 best friends and I all bought elaborate costumes and each one of us headed a table. The alice table the mad hatter table the cheshire cat table and the queen of hearts table. I made centerpieces for each table that reflected that character.  

For food I had to keep price reasonable so I made all the food myself. Little scones cupcakes and cookies. I piped eat me on all of the desserts. And for drinks I just had punch in tea cups (I got from the thrift store) of course. I made my own cake. It had 3 layers. Different flavors for those picky people. All in bright colors. And I used sparklers instead of candles.
If its in budget buying the books for party favors are cute too. Or giving everyone their own teacup.  I hope your party is as good as mine was."

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