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Alice in Wonderland Party


Amy in Pleasanton, CA


September 2006



For my 18th birthday, I decided to have an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party, because that is totally the best Disney movie ever.

Since my birthday is near Halloween, I made it a dress up Mad Hatter Unbirthday Tea Party. So it was my Unbirthday, I had it the day after my actual birthday. Of course, I was Alice. My friends could dress up like any Disney character they wanted.

For my invitations, I bought oversized playing cards. I printed out the invitation information on the computer, and put it in between two of cards and punched holes and tied them together with colored ribbon.
I put them in envelopes and wrote "Open Me" on the front of them and handed them out to people in passing.

I went all out with the decorations. My best friend (who dressed up as the Mad Hatter) works at Starbucks so he got me a bunch of the pastries and tea to serve. I got a few different tea sets and a few different kinds of teas to drink.

I also made homemade hot chocolate for those tea haters. I baked a giant tea pot cake from a recipe I found on line. I put the movie on in during the party, and I got a hold of a hookah to smoke.

I baked sugar cookies and wrote "take me", "eat me", and "bite me" on all of them. I also made scones and finger sandwitches from recipes I found on

Since it was probably everyone elses unbirthday, I had a white elephant gift exchange, so everyone could go home with a present for their UnBirthdays. I'm not gonna lie it was pretty incredible.

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