Alice In Wonderland Parties

Alice Costume -16yr- Pin the Smile on Cheshire





Alice in Wonderland Party


Karla in Las Vegas  NV.


June 2005



For my 16th birthday I did an alice in wonderland Costumes party. I made invitations on the computer using clipart that I found. Inside each invitation was the following verse: "You are invited to an adventure in Wonderland Don't Be Late! For a Very Important Date "name"'s Birthday Party If you're feeling quite MAD We'll make you quite GLAD On _/_/_. Come in foolish Attire For all to admire".

I was alice but I don't like bule so I had my dress made it was pink and white,with a black trim.My best friend dressed as the notorious Queen of Hearts I dressed my baby sister as the white rabbit. Each table had a cut out of someone from the movie we decorated the roof with white christmas lights.  We had a Mad Hatter cake made just for me in my colors of course.

My dad got me an inflatable jumper that was SO MUCH FUN there were like 20 crazy girls inside.  We played "croquet", "Who is the Queen of Hearts?" Take a deck of cards and place them in a hat. Ask guests to draw one card at a time until someone draws the Queen of Hearts.

Winner gets a red rose, of course.and "Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat." At one point in the movie, the Governor & Dodo have a Caucus race, where everyone runs around a campfire to dry off, so I incorporated the caucus race with musical chairs. It was very comical. 

I played the same song that the Governor sang in the movie during the game, which was a nice touch. (Forward, backward, inward, outward, come and join the chase! Nothing could be drier than a jolly caucus-race. Backward, forward, outward, inward, bottom to the top, never a beginning there can never be a stop to skipping, hopping, tripping, fancy free and gay, I started it tomorrow and will finish yesterday.

Round and round and round we go, and dance for evermore, once we were behind but now we find we are be-forward, backward, inward, outward, come and join the chase! Nothing could be drier than a jolly caucus-race.)
When it was time for my friends to go home I gave out several things as favors.I bought thirty celophane bags and filled them with the following, deck of cards, small bottle of bubbles, a small watch like the white rabbit had,and two try me cookies,a looking glass,Mardi Gras beads,I then put each cellophane bag into plastic hats I decorated to look like the mad hatters hat. Everybody love it I'ts been a year and they are still taking about it.

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