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Alice in Wonderland Party


Izzy in Westport, CT, USA


August 2012


Special Mention

I had an Alice in Wonderland party for my birthday. It works for tween and teen girls. I had an amazing time. When most people do Alice in Wonderland parties, it's classic Wonderland. Mine was themed Underland from the Tim Burton movie and inside Underland we themed it off the Red Queen even though we'd be playing other games that didn't involve the her at all, but she was a fun person to base invitations, décor, and more off of.

INVITATIONS:  When most people do Alice parties they put pictures of Alice on their invites and Don't be late!'' stuff. Well mine would be different. It was printed on card stock and designed by my mom a pro-designer. It read "Izzy's Party or Off With Your Head." Next it talks about how we request you at my party. We had a picture of the original book illustration of the White Rabbit because it went well with our invite. They were sent off to my friend's homes with custom made stamps!

DECORATIONS:  I think this was probably the funnest part. We bought black and red streamers black and red lanterns black and red tissue balls and black and red table confetti. We got tons of playing cards that we used for place cards décor and more. We used giant ones as well! We put a few pigs under chairs and well it was just spectacular! Our table was a Mad Queen Themed! We had table confetti cards hanging above us streamers tissue balls and lanterns! We put roses in the middle with cards sticking out. We had a white table cloth. It was awesome. We also put a red heart balloon on our mailbox. We put a giant Queen of Hearts card on our door with a red balloon taped to in and a tag that said. "Enter Me" We draped streamers around our chandelier in the foyer and put roses in the bathroom. Outside in the queen's court wee flamingos in the grass and cards laying on our patio furniture. We also had rose bushes!

ACTIVITIES/GAMES:  We decided to have one main game a card tournament an unbirthday party and hat making! The main game was a scavenger hunt which would take the guests through Underland. I picked names out of the mad hatter's costume hat I bought into teams of two. My sister lead the games so I could play too. First we decorated hats! That was so amazing and fun. Search "How to decorate mini top hats." on google. Click the one that's from It's so helpful! The next game was our scavenger hunt! We all had to drink tall bottles of juice which took forever!!! When we finished we got a clue. It said "Find the right way." This lead to a bunch of mixed up this way that way signs one hidden in the back said right way.

There was an envelope taped to it and there was one clue inside for each team. It said "Entertain the queen or off with your head." So you had to find the queen. My sister. She was wearing a crown. You had to make her laugh but if she got bored "Off with your head!" and by that time a line of people trying to get the next clue will be behind you and you have to go to the end. If you succeed she gave you a clue which read: "The best way to travel is by hat." They found the place we made the hats and their was an instruction card on how to play. There was a certain line (very far away) you had to throw a hat over the line with a doll in it. When you passed you had to find the next clue! It said "Find the queen of hearts for she is lost in a pile." Then people found the pile of cards! Once you found the queen of hearts card there was a clue taped to the back. It read "Bake my cookies for my party."

This was the kitchen where you had to decorate cookies! At the end we judged the best cookie and they got a Baking Gift basket with heart sprinkles heart baking pans heart measuring spoons and more. When the cookies were complete the next clue was "Uhm do you play croquet?" And it lead you to our yard where croquet was set up! You had to do a certain course to finish the hunt. We timed them. The fastest team kept the flamingoes. The winning team of the actual hunt got these rose shaped boxes with heart necklaces inside which I found at the party store.

After everyone finished they waited in the yard for the other teams where the Jabberwocky events would take place!!! The basic idea was one team was "Alice" and the other was the "Jabberwockys" Alices had to slay/ tag ALL the Jabberwockys in the time limit. If not the jabberwockys won. We also did things with water balloons. After we had our card games! We just played lot's of card games. Winner got a deck of cards. Next we had our Un-Birthday Party. The presents were also known as their party favors. I wrapped them instead of putting them in bags. I also opened my presents. We had mini cakes for all of them that said their names on them.  Costumes I decided not to do costumes but we did wear hats and plastic jewelry which was really fun.

PARTY SNACKS:  So not Alice in Wonderland-y PIZZA!!!! We also had tea sandwiches scones cupcakes and more!! 

CAKE:  I got a butter cream cake made with hearts and it said "Off with your head Izzy!"

FAVORS:  I bought mini tabletop croquet sets bath bombs shaped as hearts 4 way nail buffing blocks candy and card decks.  I hoped this helped make your party a big success like mine was!"

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