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Alice in Wonderland Party


Izzy in Westport, CT, USA


June 2012


Honorable Mention

My birthday party this year was an Alice in Wonderland party. My older 13 year old sister helped me plan it just so I wasn't thinking it was too babyish. With a theme like this, it's hard not to! It works for pre-teens and teen girls.

INVITATION: Since my birthday is during summer break, I decided to send save the date cards so they know to expect an invite, and so it won't get lost in un-checked summer mail. It was black and red, and was titled, "Save the very important date!" invite to follow. The invite was pasted on oversized playing cards titled "Don't be late for the very important date!" Then it said "Celebrate Izzy'ss 4006th Un-Birthday!" Which is all the days I've had un-birthdays. I added all the info at the end adding: The Queen requests your presence. Entertain her or off with your head.

DECORATIONS: I made each room of my home a different part of Wonderland. My living room was the Palace of Hearts. It has black and red streamers and cards and hearts everywhere. I bought I cardboard cutout of the queen and positioned her in the room. The dining room chairs were replaced with mismatched ones and teapots were placed on the orange table cloth. I had orange and green streamers. it looked crazy at random.

My yard was transformed to the outdoors of wonderland. A flamingo croquet game was set up and I had a future telling  scroll on one of the many mushrooms. Upstairs was kept off limits. The family room was filled with hats and purple streamers. I got a mad hatter cutout positioned in there. The whole house had contradicting signs.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: The first thing we did was the race to find the Jabberwocky. We drew names from a hat and put everyone in pairs. Next we gave them tall glasses that said drink me. They has drink it all in order to get the first clue to find the jabberwocky. You could really go anywhere with this. For us each clue brought them to a different part of Wonderland. A different thing to do at each place. Example: One said "What is the best way to travel?" By hat! They had to find the hat room and throw a hat a certain distance to obtain the next clue. One said they must find the queen.

When they got there they had 10 seconds to make her laugh or "Off with your head!" They were blindfolded and had to start over like that. Those are two examples. The last clue said slip into the tounge of the great monster and tear it's heart. We decorated one door like a mouth and put eyes above it. Then you went inside and teared this giant heart. I (Alice) waited there to congratulate and give prizes to the group. Then we decorated hats! Next we had an unbirthday party  with mini cakes for everyone where I bought mini/cheap gifts for every guest. We also had tea there.

We sang the unbirthday song from the Alice Jr musical for everybody. Then we played games- croquet with flamingos what time is it white rabbit? (not only did you have not get caught at tea time but you also had to pick up a random slip of paper with an instruction. [truth or dare]) Capture the Alice (one side is wonderland the other england) we also had an Alice Quiz  Lastly we watched the amazing Tim Burton film.

COSTUMES: Costumes were optional: I knew lot's who wanted to dress up and lot's who did not.

SNACKS: desserts at the tea party!

CAKE: mini cakes for everyone at the un-birthday party!

FAVORS: un birthday presents or you could give out watched and decks of cards 

I hope your party goes as well as mine did!"

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