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Alice In Wonderland Tea Party -16yr- Playing Card Invite





Alice In Wonderland Party


Morgan in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


October 2011



For my sweet 16 I decided to have a Mad Hatter tea party!!!  

INVITATIONS:  I got a pack of jumbo playing cards from the dollar store. Then I wrote up all of the party information using cute little things like 'come and join the tea party' 'dont be late!' (white rabbit reference) and such. I made it into cute swirly font and printed them out and stuck them on the design side (not the number side) of the cards and decorated the edges with some glitter!  They also said that the guests should come dressed up as either characters from alice in wonderland, or guests at a tea party. 

DECORATIONS: I really went all out on decorations- I started making them 3 months in advanced and stored them in the garage!!!  I got big white bed sheets from the dollar store and I painted them as sets from the johnny depp version of alice in wonderland movie (and put sparkles on them of course!!) and hung them over the doors of rooms that shouldnt be entered (siblings and parents bedrooms!)  Then I got cardboard boxes and cut them up into big mushroom shapes and painted them and put them around the house and the garden.  I made signs that said 'this way' 'that way' and 'wrong way' and put them around the house.  my house has a grand staircase that goes up the centre so I decorated it with loads of streamers and balloons! 

Outside I set up two tables next to each other to fit in 14 people. I put white table clothes over them, and also over the chairs. I put brightly colored ribbons around that chairs and a bunch of helium balloons from my chair only.  The cups and plates and cutlery were all plastic but none of the colors matched up! There were mismathced tea pots on the table as well. We also put some random items like keys and flowers on the table too.  There were fake rose bushes and plastic flamingos decorating outside.  

ACTIVITIES:  We had a fun time taking pictures of our costumes and we also filmed a mini (improvised!) alice in wonderland movie which only went for about 10 minutes. Everybody was given a copy of this about a week later after it was edited by my brother.  We explored 'wonderland' and my mom took us on an awesome tour of the house, telling a great alice in wonderland story as we went. The place looked truly magical if I do say so myself!!  We didn’t really have specific games that we played but we had loads of fun! 

COSTUMES: like I said before, we asked people to come as an alice in wonderland character, or a tea party guest. The tea party guests mostly wore cute semi formal summer dresses- everyone looked great!  I had a few extra costumes incase sombody couldn’t get one though :)  

SNACKS: We had little finger sandwhiches and also muffins, scones, lollies, buiscuits, marshmallows, ice cream,  pink lemonade, virgin rum balls, etc. It was unhealthy, but very, very cute!  We wrote 'eat me' on the cookies and made lables saying 'drink me' for the soda bottles!   A very cute little cookie recipe: you need buiscuts with pink icing, white icing/frosting, musk circle lollies, chocolate buttons, and pink marshmallows.  -take your buiscut and put some frosting in the middle of it, and place a marshmallow onto that icing.  -put another bit of icing on top of the marshmallow and put a chocolate button on top of that.  -cut your musk lollie circle (like a lifesaver) in half so you have a cresent shape -apply frosting into both edges of that and stick it onto the side of the marshmallow.  You just made an adorable little tea cup!!  

CAKE:  My cake was vanilla with pink marbled through it, and light yellow icing. It was decorated with a key, edible flowers, and said 'eat me' which was very cute! We served it with whipped cream by the way :)  

FAVORS: Everyone got a little white box that said 'thanks for joining the tea party- love Hatter' and inside it had some cute little candies, a fake flower, a cupcake flavored chapstick, and a few other little things too. And as I said before, everyone got a copy of our alice in wonderland movie about a week later. 

Other information: - We played the alice in wonderland soundtrack - my youngest brother (age 6) was the white rabbit, he greeted the guests. We reserved the room next to the front door as a place to  wait until all the guests had arrived to everyone could go into wonderland at the same time!   It was an amazing party!! <3

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