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June 2011



For my daughters 13th birthday, she wanted to have her party with her cousin who was also turning 13 a month earlier. So we decided to do one big party for both of the girls.

We decided to do a coed Mad Hatter Tea Party. What I did first was find a few mad hatter" hats i went to Walmart and found Tea pot and tea cup planters that were bright and very large ( They were $20 each but I figured I could use them for the party then I would plant flowers in them and give them away to my mom and mother in law for Mother's Day as gifts) I took the girls to a few places to take pictures of them wearing the hats and holding the large teacup and tea pot. I then let them pick out their favorite pic and I made photo invitations that said  "  Don't Be Late For A Very Important Date!!!   Peyton and Brittany Invite You To A Mad Hatter Tea Party...  Tea and Mad Fun To Take Place at ( Put Address in)   On ( put day and date in)  from ( put time in) Please R.S.V.P. to ( put your name in).... Don't Forget to wear your craziest silliest most creative hat for this Very Merry 13th "Un birthday" bash!! 

Each girl invited 30 kids and we ended up having 50 show up. We rented a bounce house I have a large covered patio so we ordered and bought colored paper lanterns that we hung up on the roof of the patio. I hade 4 large tables that we put in a long row and we covered them with bright mis matched table cloths. I bought a Mad Hatter Poster from Walmart with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and I put that on the door that led to the patio. I used the tea pot and tea cup planters to hold chips and salsa and one of them I put a bunch of fresh flowers inside of it for the center piece.

We put up purple Christmas lights around the edge of the patio and we had 3 strobe lights that we placed at different corners of the patio. Inside the house at the kitchen table I had gone to the thrift stores in town and bought mis matched tea cups and saucers and I stacked them all over my kitchen table with a marker and colored tape sitting next to them as well as 2 guests books for each birthday girl. When the guests arrived they were asked to sign the guest books and pick out their cups and saucers. They wrote their names on the tape and stuck it to their cups. They had to use their cups for the entire party to drink out of.

For food we did finger food. Cookies candy brownies BBQ weeenies on tooth picks little sandwhiches pizza rolls etc I also purchased mis matched tea pots from the thrift stores and we put sodas  tea water in them and labeled them so the kids could pour their drinks out of the tea pots into their tea cups.  I alo printed up signs that said "Drink Me" and "Eat Me" and placed them on the plates of food and tea pots. I alo put up pictures of the girls when they were babies to the present.  I had a few extra hats on hand just in case someone forgot to bring a hat. All of the kids showed up wearing hats and we played musical hats/chairs.

The kids each set their hat on a chair and had to walk around the chairs when the music was on when it was turned off they had to grab the hat put it on their head and sit down. The last person to have a hat and chair was the winner and they won a package of the silly bands braclets.

Then we divided the kids up into two teams. Each birthday girl had her team and since it was coed we spaced the boys out in between girls. Each team got into a long line. Each person was given a toothpick. The first person in line was given a life saver hard candy and when I said go they had to turn around pass the life saver to the next person in line only using their tooth picks that were in their mouths) If they dropped it or used their hands they had to start all over with the first person. The first team to make it down their line was the winner.I gave out silly bands to the team that won.

The kids also played in the bounce house and when it was dark we cleared the tables off of the patio turned on the purple lights and the strobe lights ( I also forgot to mention that we put in black lights for the main patio fixtures) We blasted music and the kids danced the rest of the night away. I had a bakery make the most amazing topsy turvey birthday cake and we ate cake and opened presents. When the guests left the party they got to keep their tea cups and saucers as party favors.

Everyone is still talking about how great that party was and has told me that I should be a party planner. My daughter and neice will always remember this party because of their guests books and pics. I also glued an invitaion in each of their books so they will always have them for memories.  I also forgot to mention that we did give out prizes for the craziest silliest and most creative hats."

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