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Alice in Wonderland Party


Caesha in Victoria BC Canada


March 2011



Last year for my 13th birthday, I had an Alice in Wonderland themed party. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PARTY EVER!!! PEOPLE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT A WHOLE YEAR LATER!! I had about 15 people there, but Im sure any amount would be great. It would work as  a mixed or just girl party as well. Also, this party would be fun for any age, not just 13 :) 

Invitations: For my invites i bought over sized playing cards from the dollar store. On the computer I made a sheet the same size as the cards, and put the queen of hearts sign in the background to make it look like the front of a card. Over top of that I wrote all the party info, and then glued it down onto the face of the card, so my invites became the face, but you could see the back of the card on the other side. I told everyone to dress up as an alice in wonderland character (I would recommend telling them on the invite what character you want them to come as, just so everyone doesn't dress up as the same person)

Dinner: For dinner we had Pizza, caesar salad, and of course cake. we made the cake look like a hat by using neon coloured icing (I used blue and yellow) to ice a double layer circle cake. I lined the plate I put the cake on with a circle of paper the same colour as my cake to look like the brim of the hat. It looked AWESOME!

For snacks we had little jello shapes cut out with cookie cutters and of course just some chips and stuff. 

Decorations: This was the funnest part! I put colourful light bulbs in all the light fixtures in my house. I also put red and black balloons everywhere, hung over sized (left over from my invites) and normal sized playing cards from the ceiling and spread them across my furniture (mostly the table. For the table, I set out 2 tables and lined them up to make one, super long table. I put black table cloths (from the dollar store) on them and covered them in cards (I taped them down so they wouldn't move around.

I had a whole bunch of mismatched tea cups and saucers I borrowed from my grandma, and a bunch of different sized tea pots spread out across the tables. It looked REALLY cool. I also had a bunch of non matching chairs (mostly because I didn't have enough of matching chairs, but in the end it just played along to the full effect of the party. I built a rabbit hole up my stair well by arching fridge boxes over it. I hung cards and balloons and Christmas lights from the inside (this part was  HUGE HIT!!!

When they got to the top of the stairs, I had little bottles saying drink me" for each guest filled with raspberry juice (for the reddish colour) I also had posters of alice in wonderland Characters all over 

ACTIVITIES: We played pin the smile on the cheshire cat (yes I know it seems too young for teens but it was actually really fun to act like a little kid again :) W played musical chairs around the dinner table to represent the mad hatter tea party (but with a twist. If there is no chair left you have to sit on top of someone else instead of being out) It brought a lot of laughs. We had a war on the trampoline with long balloons as swords to represent the tweedledee and tweedledum battle (our ballons made sounds when you hit them together!) We spent a really long time eating because we were all laughing too hard and trying to act like our character.  

We did of course cake and presents then played more games. We had a rose painting contest (who could paint it the fastest) We bought fake white roses from the dollar store and painted them with red tempra paints. Next we went outside and played croquet (putting pink socks on the end of the mallet and putting googly eyes on it really gave the full effect of playing with flamingos haha) Then we just hung out and played little games like bus stop and karaoke until parents came. 

Favors: For favors we just gave out normal goodie bags. I can't exactly remember what we put in them but candy is always a good one :)  I hope this gave you some ideas and that your party is as AWESOME AND SUCCESSFUL AS MINE!!!! "

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