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Alice in Wonderland Party


Elysia in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England


September 2008


Honorable Mention

Hello, my sweet sixteenth in June this year was themed Alice in Wonderland. 

Costumes: All of my guests dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters or Disney characters. I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts and ruled over the party!

Invitations:  For these, I bought plastic bottles off the internet with a cork in them (ever so cute!) I then made an invite on my computer with images from the disney movie on it. It read: The Queen of Hearts is inviting you to a party in Wonderland. Don't be late for this very important date. Dress in Disney attire for all to admire. And then the details eg. place, time, date etc. I then rolled these up, tied with a red ribbon and put them in the bottle. I also added heart shaped confetti (as hearts are a recurring theme in the movie and book.) My friends loved opening these!

Decorations:  I Made topiary bushes out of an oasis sphere (can be bought from a florist, if not use styrofoam) and a broom handle. I attached them together and stuck in fake white and red roses to create a painting the roses red" feel. Also used lawn flamingos and hedgehog stuffed toys to have the croquet look.

I also had lots of teapots cups and saucers around. I had one teapot with a dormouse stuffed toy sticking out of the top of it. I also painted 8 cups in bright colours and glued them together really wonkily so that they looked like they would fall. These looked great on the buffet table. Also I bought an inflatable bottle of the internet (not too expensive) and I attached a drink me label on it with cardboard and string and put it in the room.

Decks of cards are a must and they can be placed almost anywhere on the walls tables floor even hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire if you can reach like I did! Also I bought A4 size cards from the internet and I glued them together to make a house of cards! Also pocketwatches and clocks are cool to hang around I did these around the room too. I bought a giant key and put it by the dancefloor. I got my grandad to make me a wooden signpost with the sign bits all wonky so it gives it the wonderland feel. I painted it bright pink and I wrote things like "This way" "That way" "Yonder" "Up" and "Down" on them. This looked great!

I went to my local charity shop and asked if I can borrow two mannequins which they happily let me do. I then bought an Alice costume and wig and put one in it and sat it on the stage. The other was a standing up mannequin so it stood by the dancefloor in the club. Me and my mum spent two days making this one look right hehe. We got lots and lots of cotton wool and stuck it all over the mannequin we bought a white rabbit mask off the internet and put it over the head. We then dyed one of my old waistcoats red and put it on. We also added a pocketwatch in it's hand making it look like it was late and VOILA! The white rabbit! These mannequins were great for photo ops as my friends found out! I also stuck mirrors everywhere. I had a cheshire cat plush sat on the wall too staring at everyone just like in the movie!

Food: For the food we had jacket potatoes (simply for easiness as I had 60 people!) But we made the cakes and things. My mum me and my cousin who came from Australia to see my party all helped make the cakes and biscuits. We had cakes with hearts on them and they were all black and red. Our biscuits were in the shape of: White rabbits cheshire cats cards mad hatter's hats hearts and teapots. They looked great! 

Activities: We played flamingo croquet with stuffed hedgehogs and lawn flamingos we bent A4 sized cards and used them as the holes the hedgehogs go through in the movie. This was so much fun! We also had an Alice in Wonderland quiz. I also cut pictures from the movie in half and put each half into a red envelope. Then everyone opened their envelope and had to find their other half. This was a great icebreaker game.

Cake: My Cake was amazing! This lady in my local area makes the most fantastic cakes and loves doing mine every year because I always give her challenge! This year she made me a four tiered cake which cost £90! But it was worth it! The bottom tier had cups and saucers made out of icing (from the mad tea party ride in disney world) with the characters in which I purchased from the disney store. The second tier had card people around it. The third tier was a green mad hatter's top hat with the famous 10/6 on it. And the last tier was a huge icing sculpture of a cheshire cat with a sign in it's paws reading "Happy 16th Elysia!" 

All in all my party was fantastic! I would LOVE to do it again! "

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