World Culture Party

Oriental Bash -14yr- Chinese Statues




World Culture Party


Morgan in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


November 2008



I had a hard time figuring out what i wanted to do for my 14th birthday. I had so many ideas, and i finally landed on the idea of having an Ortiental themed party.

For INVITATIONS: i found these very pretty chinese paper fan invitations at; which i used as my party invitations. I invited about 5 of my close friends.

DECORATIONS: i found lots of chinese paper lanterns at which i used to hang all over the ceiling in my basement (the party area). I also used twinkle lights all around the bottom edges of my basment walls, and i hung lots of colorful streamers.

ACTIVITIES: when all of my party guests arrived I handed out nametags with their names written on it in chinese (which I found online). Then we all headed to the party area where we played a game which I got from this site called Chinese Statues". You play the game similar to Wax Museum except you can use oriental themed objects for them to pose as instead.

After we were divied into two teams of three were we were given chopsticks and each team had to try and get as many grains of rice or beans into another pot the team which got all of their lentils into another pot first won!

Next we were all blindfolded and my parents guided us all outside where we were taken into a LIMO where we could take off our blindfolds and chat. At the end of the limo ride we were taken to my favorite restaurant; this Japanese Habachi Restaurant in downtown Toronto near the Royal York Hotel. It is this amazing place where the chef cooks your meal in a grill right in front of you! This place is an amazing show as well as amazing food!

After we were finished our meal we were picked up again by a limo and we were taken back to my place where we all got dressed for bed and watched movies and gossiped for most of the night until we were tired and went to sleep. The next day we had breakfest and then at 11 am all of the girls were picked up and went home.

LOOTBAGS: before they left each girl was given a Chinese take-out box filled with nail polishes nail files bubble baths candies etc. All in all my party was a BLAST and me and my friends had the best time ever! My friends are still talking about it and they are all very excited to see what I have planned for  next year."

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