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Fiesta Party -13yr- Sombrero Invite




World Culture Party


Veronica in Atlanta, GA, USA


October 2008



Okay, so in April I'm turning 13 and I wanted to do something my friends hadn't done before and something I had some background on. Since my mom's half of the family immigrateed from Mexico, I decided to do a Fiesta.

INVITATIONS: I'm thinking about getting a picture of a sombrero and printing it out on cardstock, then fill it out with everything I need to, and posibly string on a chilli pepper or mini umbrella on it. Or, I'll do the cardtock thing with a chili pepper, and tie on a maraca 

DECORATIONS: I'm probably going to have it in our guest room, or somewhere kind of empty, and get my dad to move out as much furniture as possible. Then, I'm may or may not set up some palm trees on opposite sides of the room. Then, I'm going to take a big fish net and tie it up across the room making a big hamock. The local party store usually sells big fish nets for around 2 or 3 dollars.

Then, I'm going to get like red and green lightbulbs, and put them in place of  the regular bulbs. I'm also going to drape red, green and white streamers from the ceiling, paste up some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, and get some mini pinatas, and hang them from the ceiling.

The other rooms like, the dining room, will be adorned with crepe flowers and things like sombrero's and what not. Outside, we're going to have a tent (not a camping tent) set up and there's going to be beads hung from it,and crepe flowers, sombreros, etc.

ACTIVITIES: One thing I want to do is look up the hat dance, and do that, also a scavenger hunt with the clues in Soniah, and they have a spanish dictionary etc. (the kind where one clue leads to another) and their prize at the end will be either a gift card somewhere (and everyone is on a team of 2 or 3) or a t-shirt with a cool design and maybe something that says: Partido Loco!" or something. We'll probably watch a few movies as well and talk a lot

FOOD: We'll either go to a Mexican resturant or set up a taco/quesadilla thing on the island in our kitchen 

CAKE: We'll probably do Mexican Wedding Cakes which are more like cookies but still really good. 

FAVORS: I'm going to get some mini sombreros mini cacti & cinnamon candies. I'll take the Sombreros and stick the mini cactus in it and fil the rest of the sombrero up with cinnamon candies to hold the cactus in place    I'm looking forawrd to it and hope I helped!  "

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