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Megan in Jackson, New Jersey USA


February 2010



This year, for my birthday, I wanted a really big party.  I decided that I wanted a Hollywood Awards Night Party, and I came up with the idea and activities.  All my friends loved it and said that it was one of the best parties they've ever been to! 

I started with the invitations. Invitations:  Since the party was going to be a Hollywood Awards Night, I really wanted everyone to look formal and pretty like celebrities.  I made my invitations from just regular invitations from a store, and wrote the place, date, and time on that. 

On my computer, I made a flyer saying what is going to happen.  I told my guests to be prepared for a grand dinner, to dress appropriately (I was specific to say no jeans or sweatpants), and to expect paparazzi (my parents).  At the bottom, I assigned each girl a celebrity they would be for the night.  I chose each celebrities, so that there would be no fighting.  It worked out great!

Decorations:  I got most of my decorations from a website that matched the Hollywood Party theme.  I got things that included microphones, seat placers, an usher stand up, a red carpet, and all sorts of Hollywood signs.  I stuck with three main colors:  gold, black, and red. If you think it's safe, you can also light candles at the dinner table.  In the end, the decorations looked great!

Preparation:  You will need to start preparing for this party about a week ahead of time.  Since I was serving all the girls dinner, I needed to come with three courses that each girl would like. 
For the first course, we had salad and shrimp cocktail. 
For the second course, we had pasta and rolls. 
And for the third course, we had steak. 

I also needed to assign each girl an award that the celebrity they were portraying.  The awards included Favorite Singer, Favorite Actress, and Best Hit Single.  When each girl came up to accept their award, they received a star trophy that said what award they'd won, and they had to give a speech.  The speech was a mad libs, you can find them on the internet. 

You also have to set up all the decorations.  When you're done with that, you should be ready for the party!

Party:  When the girls arrived (and they were all dressed in either skirts or dresses), I gave them a necklace that said 'VIP' and said their celebrity name and had a picture of the celebrity.  They then went into my living room and filled out their mad libs, which my mom filled out while we were eating dinner. 

When everyone arrived, we chatted for a few minutes and then sat down to eat.  Everyone loved everything, and they enjoyed the fact that they were treated like celebrities they were playing by my parents.  I had candles lit in the middle of the table, and the girls were all very careful not to knock them down. 

After dinner, the awards ceremony started.  I was the host, my mom was the paparazzi, and my dad was the camera man.  All of my guests really seemed to get into the whole 'celebrity' thing, and they loved having their moment to shine by accepting their award.  They thought the speeches were hilarious, and they cracked up at every fill-in!  I made sure that everyone won one award. 

After the awards, we all sat down for dessert.  Everyone had their own cupcake with their own candle that they blew out.  We had a chocolate fountain set up, and the girls all loved that. 

After everyone was done with dessert, we opened presents and then watched the awards ceremony over again in my TV.  The speeches were as funny as the first time! 

The girls all thought that the party was so much fun.  It was definetly the big party I wanted!

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