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Jodie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


June 2009



My friends and i are in love with the Broadway stage. For my 15 birthday ( I saved all year and had help from my parents) I am taking 3 of my closest friends to NYC for a weekend in the summer. I chose the summer because there is no school and the Tony awards are in June.

My INVITATIONS: I called my friends parents before i invited them to see if it was ok if they went to NYC with me. I told them my mom would be with us so it would be safe. They weren't allowed to tell their kids they were going. They were supposed to pretend to ground them and be a mean parent before they went, so they wouldn't expect a thing. I gave the parents a packing list and had them pack for their kids because they couldn't know they were going.

THE BIG DAY: My family rented a big van, (my dad and sister had to stay home because she had a lacrosse tournament that weekend). We went to each girls house the night before and got their luggage and put it in our van. That morning(friday)we left my house at four AM to pick up my friends. Since their parents were in on it, they didn't mind us picking them up so early. We snuck into their room while they were still asleep and then started screaming! They woke up so startled and we took a picture of their face.

After that we told them what was going on and they had to go help us wake the other girls up. After we got everyone up it was about six o'clock. We started driving towards NYC....A little bit later around nine we stopped for breakfast at the Cheesecake Factory. We all got the best food and desert (yes, dessert for breakfast!).

We continued driving once we got to NYC we checked into the hotel and got room service for lunch. After we were done packing we went out on the town! Our hotel was in times square so that night we all went around and just walked into every store imaginable!!

We did everything!! we ate dinner at Junior's across the street from our hotel the Marriot Marquis. We got back to the room at ten and talked all night! We watched a movie on pay-per-view. The next morning we Woke up and at breakfast in the hotel lobby. We then took the subway to chinatown and looked at all the counterfeit designer stuff. We went to the bronx to see the yankee stadium and we went to the museum of natural history and we ate lunch there.

We made our way back to the hotel to get dressed better because that night we went to go see Wicked the musical!! it was phenomenal. We got back really late and went straight to bed.

The next morning was my day of surprises. We all went to SOHO to look for a really fancy dress. We all bought a formal outfit ( the prices of course had limits) and then took our merchandise and ate at john's pizza. Its my favorite pizza place ever. We went to my moms friends apartment ( she is a photographer) and she gave us a photo shoot!! but before we went there we went out and got manicures and pedicures.

We went to nordstrom and got the makeup stuff done to our faces. then we did each others hair. After the photo shoot we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant Smith and Wolensky's. We left there and we took a taxi over to radio city music hall. I didn't tell them about this but we were going to the TONY AWARDS!!

The night was so amazing we saw all our favorite Broadway stars! We slept one last night in the hotel and we left the next morning.   Pretty late. We had stayed up the night before trying to get autographs. We stopped at rest stops on the way home for potty breaks and meals. Each girl had their outfit and various trinkets from the trip as their favors.  I got the pictures developed and framed for the photo shoot and gave it to them later.

This was the best weekend of my life and since I had this humungous party this year I don't get a sweet sixteen but I don't care this was amazing!!!

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