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September 2008



For my 13th birthday party i am having a red carpet party so everyone dresses like their favorite movie star(costume).My mom will act like the papparatzi and take our picture.

I am making my INVITES on the computer but haven't decided what the actual design will be. If weather permits we will have my party on my parents deck; otherwise it will be in the open space in between our kitchen and living room.

The decorations will include: 1 red carpet to go from our front door to the outside deck,gold baloons, and streamers.We are going to have a karioke machine inside(activity) and most likely my ipod playing throughout the outside sterio.

Outside we will play GAMES such as:a clothes relay- everyone gets into 1 of 2 teams and each team has sunglasses, a feather bowa, and 2 high heeled shoes(the shoes will be unmatched though to make it harder) and 1 at a time per team a person puts on all the clothes and runs to the other side of the deck grabbing something like a bean-bag and rushes back to their team so the next person can put on the clothes(first team that goes through each person doing that wins!!!).

Another GAME is where everyone gets into the same teams (or different- it doesn't matter) and each team draws from 1 hat different phrases and another hat with different items(we had those items) and each team had to make a short skit using those items and phrases. We are going to film the skits and during the rest of the party my sister will use those filmed skits on a DVD so towards the end of the party we will watch our movie because it is a movie premier party. Plus, instead of the end credits just being our names we are going to use the pictures of us taken at the begining of the party!

During the whole party we are going to have finger foods and candy for SNACKS(cause have you heard of a movie premier where the stars eat Pizza!!!) and my brother is going to be the bar tender serving a variety of sodas, sparkling juices, and water, and we are going to let him wear his suit(if you don't have a suit owning brother he could also where a white button up shirt and some khaiki pants/shorts would be fine)We aren't going to serve really a dinner because im planning to have it from about 8-11pm.

CAKE is going to be cupcakes and im still deciding wheather to have 1 of 3 choices: black and white party, petti four looking ones, or ones that look like popcorn. I got these from a book called hello! cupcake" and those seemed most relevant to my party.

Im not sure what to do for favors but  think ill put stuff like lip gloss plastic jewelry a champeane glass that I decorate (that way we don't have to pick up after a billion half finished cups our guests leave)and Im hoping a featherbowa (if we can find some cheap ones at party city)all of this will be stuffed into a little purse or decorated(by me) bag of some sort."

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