Oscar Party

Glamorous Oscar Party -13yr- Highly Exclusive




Hollywood Award Show Party


Ellen in London, England


March 2008



I'm a budding Hollywood star so an Oscar party was always the solution! I invited 11 guests and held it in my lounge and play room. It was the best birthday ever! 

INVITATIONS: I word processed the invites in a fancy font and they read: Dear my darling, you are cordially invited to Princess Tilliani Foxtrot's (my 'stage' name) highly exclusive Oscar awards party in celebration of her 13th at the Plaza suite, Godfrey Hotel( the name of my road- actually my house!) Dress to impress darlings, awards available. Do hope you can come, it would be a drag without you! I then bordered them in gold holographic paper and tucked them in tissue paper. 

DECORATIONS I shopped around a bit for the Hollywood themed decorations to get the cheapest items( I had a budget of £100, about $200). In the end, I purchased some signs saying: Hollywood, And the winner is, Awards night and Party with the stars. I also brought some camera garlands and clapper board centrepieces for the two tables. As there was 12 of us, I put out 2 round tables with gold tablecloths and plates from a Hollywood party range.

Everyone had their own seat and I made up a stage name for them e.g. a sporty friend was called Athlina Run Ritz! We put mini wands in the glasses they looked great! I also got an issue of VOGUE and cut out all the designer adverts then laminated them. They looked great on the walls! 

ACTIVITIES A couple of people were gonna be late so the first game was something that we didn't need teams for- Hairspray pass the parcel! . Prize was a can of hairspray decorated in pics from the movie! We then got into teams and played 'Screen test'.

My mum and sister made a small quiz on a scene from a movie and we had to watch the scene carefully and answer the questions after like, 'what book was Lewis reading on the plane?' we then had the catwalk (I had made ballot sheets in advance) this was fabulous and everyone really got competitive on the red carpet.

After dinner, we watched a slide show that I had made and then had the awards( I had got 10 of these of eBay and had 2 more for the overall best dressed and runner-up). Everyone had their picture taken with their award and it was all very exiting! 

FOOD I'd had a lot of ideas for food, including fish and chips from my local chip shop, as a joke but we found that pricy so we just went for pizzas, wedges, onion rings, cucumber, crisps, nachos with salsa and cheese and cakes, sweets and chocolate.

It went down really well, but do remember to put out several bowls of crisps out during the evening because everyone get's a bit peckish! My nan made the cake, it had plain white icing and little flowers round the edge, because my mum and I left the other cake at the checkout! 

FAVOURS Obviously, I made sure everyone won an Oscar  Best dress, nails, hair. Shoes, most star dazzling, accessory, make-up and overall best dressed etc). My mum and I also found some mugs that had shoes on them and filled them with glittery pencils and sweets. We then wrapped it up in cellophane! 

Everyone looked brilliant and all looked like they had a fabulous time! It was a great party but that's show business darlings! These sort of nights are the norm! xxxx

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