Oscar Party

Oscar Night Party -15yr- Hollywood Sign Cake




Hollywood Award Show Party


Elysia in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England


October 2007


Honorable Mention

INVITATIONS: The Invitations were made like a concert ticket or ceremony ticket, but they were personalized to say my specific times, date etc. They were then put in a silver or gold envelope and tied with a red ribbon. The writing was wrote in calligraphy on the front. They looked very fancy. These were a hit my friends got really excited then.

DECORATIONS: There were lots of decorations at my party, some were very cheap, so cheap in fact, they were free, every week we went down to the local cinema and got some of the free movie posters they looked great on the walls. Also our local cinema was great enough to lend us some huge posters! We then bought some cardboard cut-out standees, my friends loved these. We had Pirates of the Caribbean ones, A Night at the museum one, Moulin Rouge one and more! They looked really good stood around the venue.

We also bought a red carpet to put down the walkway into the venue, we also made crowdstoppers out of toilet rolls, plates and tin foil. They were really easy to make and looked fabulous! We also had Hollywood street signs around like Sunset Boulevard, you can buy these off the Internet, as well as signs saying things like And the winner is...." I put this one by the stage.

Also another thing me and my mum made was a clapperboard we then waited for it to dry and chalked on the clapperboard bits that are in white. We then chalked on information about the party like "Elysia's 15th Birthday" etc. We then stood this outside thye door all my friends were taking pictures of it! We also had bought Marilyn Monroe scene setters they looked great on the glass panes.

CAKE: My cake was great it had 3 tiers and had white icing it then had a red carpet in icing running down the three tiers from the top. It had gold stars on springs sticking out of the cake (like the walk of fame stars) and had the names of my favourite actors and actresses on them. At the top of the cake was the Hollywood sign and in front of that was an icing figurine of me in the outfit I was wearing at the party holding an Oscar. Around the cake were clapperboards stage lights film reels etc. Everyone was amazed!!!!!

FOOD: I can't really say anything about food because we went for an expensive meal on a boat first but I would suggest that you make alcohol free cocktails ice cream sundaes and for hot food you could do hot dogs and burgers which are easy enough to do. I did have a chocolate fountain though with fresh fruit marshmallows fudge and biscuits. That really went down well! 

THE PARTY: After our meal on the boat we headed down to the Oscar's venue all my friends one by one walked down the red carpet and posed for the photographers (family and friends). My Dad was at the other end in a tux and asked each of them for their names so they could be let in (because it's V.I.P's only!) They each sat down in whatever seat they liked and looked at the room that I had spent hours decoarting! Then they went and had some of the chocolate fountain.

They then danced the night away like a huge disco. Then it was time for the awards ceremony we had previously given each party-goer a ballot sheet with everyone's name on and the catagories for the awards on. The catagories were: Best dressed male best dressed female most likely to talk for hours whilst being interviewed most likely to trip on the red carpet most likely to blush on the red carpet best comedian best hair best actor/actress most likely to bring sunshine on a rainy day and best dancer.

They then posted their ballot forms into the ballot box I made (which was a box with a whole in the top painted black with photos of marilyn monroe johnny depp and others on it and glittery stars all over it.) My parents tallied up the votes and called out the winners one by one.

After they had been called they came up onto the stage where my Dad presented them with an Oscar statuette (which we bought of the Internet) and a box of chocolates wrapped in gold paper and tied neatly with a rich red ribbon. After this everyone didn't want to go home so we carried on dancing sang happy birthday we cut my cake and I handed out 35 gift bags!!! 

GIFT BAGS: What can you give to 15 year olds? Well I give them lots of chocolate (come on who doesn't like chocolate?) It was filled to the rim with chocolate bars but also I give out make-up samples and perfume samplesas well as face masks aftershave (for the lads) and hair masks. These were a HIT! Everyone was so pleased with them. You can get them from most perfume stores if you just ask nicely they will get you a few!  Hope this helps and have a lovely party whatever you decide to do!"

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