Oscar Party

Hollywood Premire -12yr- Red Carpet Entry




Hollywood Award Show Party


Olivia in Ontario, Canada


July 2007



For My 12th Birthday Party I decided to have a Hollywood Premire Party. The Invitations were Decorated on the Front to look like a Grammy Award. I asked each of my friends to dress up to be a famous celebrity for the party, and bring a picture of the celebrity they chose.

For decorations we set up the front hallway to look like the red carpet using red fabric bought cheap at Wal Mart. In the living room we set out the finger food, fashion magazines, and a Cd player to play some quiet background music. On the front Door we wrote VIP entrance with big Black letters.

When all of my guests arived, one at a time they were brought down the red carpet (red velvet fabric which was lined down a hallway) and were interviewed (my mom videotaped all of the interviews and asked questions related to the celebrity). When the interviews were over we were brought to the lounge were we were given finger food to snack on.

Then we did our fashion show. Each of my guests had to walk down the red carpet again and strike some poses (my mom recored this event) and at the end of the red carpet they had to tell about why they chose that outfit. After the fashion show each of us were given a script and we had 1 hour and 1/2 to memorize it and perform the play. After the time was up we performed the play and my mom recorded the skit. Next we had super.

For supper we ate in our dining room with fancy cups, plates, cutlery and napkins. We had Fillet Mingon, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Garlic Mashed Potatoes (just add minced garlic into the mashed potatoes for flavour),aspargus, and some fake peach Champagne.

After supper my parents organized the videos they made into a movie. In that time my friends and I set up our sleeping area in the basement. When the movie was ready we watched it, it was so much fun! The Movie began with the interviews, then the fashion show, and lastly the play!

After the movie was over we went to the kitchen to start our craft. My mom picked up plaster from the nearest craft store and bought square plastic containers. Each of my guests poured the plaster in the container and made an imprint of one of their hands, and at the top, they used a finger to write their names.

After we were done we let them dry and went downstairs to watch a movie before bed.

The next day we had breakfest which was bacon, eggs, crepes, pancakes, toast, ham, and some leftover steak.

After breakfest my guests left with their craft, and their lootbag which was a mini purse filled with candy, hair stuff, and some make-up.

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