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Ultimate Mean Girls Party - Mean Girls Trivia




Movie Theme Party


Katharine in Indianapolis, IN USA


September 2012



The Ultimate Mean Girls Party Oh, my God Karen. You can’t just ask people why they’re white. If you recognize this quote and love to have fun, this party is totally for you!

INVITATIONS: Nothing says mean girls like the burn book. For each invitation you will need: one mini pink composition notebook, a couple stickers, a metallic Sharpie, a STRONG magnet, a hot glue gun and light pink paper insert saying the following: We Wear Pink on Wednesdays! No, seriously Karen. You’re invited to my  Ultimate Mean Girls Party! The fun is at DATE and TIME LOCATION Please RSVP to NUMBER by DATE *Write some things you want to talk about at the party in your burn book. Nothing mean, please! We’re so totally over that. Please arrive in pink attire, regardless of whether or not it’s Wednesday. See you there!

DECORATIONS: Pink everywhere. No, I mean EVERYWHERE.

ACTIVITES: First off, watch Mean Girls! Give girls points each time they quote the movie during the night. Make yourself a burn book using a pink scrapbook. Let guests write you birthday wishes on pink sticky notes and add them to the scrapbook along with pictures of your fun night.

Do Mean Girls trivia revolving around quotes, the social classes according to the plastics and sometime in the night a heart-to-heart chat about the fact that the plastics really aren’t very nice people. Sounds awkward, but really, it’s a great thing to do and I’m sure all your guests and their parents will appreciate it. 

GAMES: Because your party is Mean Girls themed, make sure to play the ultimate plastic game, Truth or Dare! Go as far as you want to, but don’t get things out of hand unless everyone, yes, including that shy girl in the corner, is okay with it. 

COSTUMES: We wear pinks on Wednesdays. Because chances are your party will be held on the weekend, this rule applies then too.

PARTY SNACKS: Serve pink lemonade, fresh strawberries, and pink M&Ms. If you’re really into it, get your M&Ms customized with your favorite Mean Girls quotes!

CAKE: Get a white three layer cake with strawberry filling and white icing with pink trim that says: Oh my god BIRTHDAYGIRLSNAME, you can’t just ask people why they’re white! Serve on cute pink plates and dig in.

FAVORS: Send girls home with pink trinkets from the dollar store and pink M&Ms. Have fun and beware of the plastics!

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