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Sammy in Hudson, Massachusetts USA


April 2012


Special Mention

This was a Hunger Games Party I planned for my little sister's 13th birthday. It was a huge success and everyone had a great time. It is very flexible and can be held inside, outside, and for both boys and girls. 

INVITATIONS: The invitations were made to look like a notification about the reaping. They said:  13th annual Hunger Games (since it was her 13th birthday party). All citizens are commanded to attend. May the odds be ever in your favor. They also included the location, date, time, RSVP number, and that you should wear comfortable shoes and hunger games attire. We invited 12 people but the party works for 6-24 (maybe more).  

DECORATIONS: We recreated the silver parachute by taking silver balloons and taping paper baskets to them. We hung red and black streamers and had the books on display. 

ACTIVITIES:  Reaping- Once everyone was there we held the Reaping". Eight people attended so we chose four districts. Everyone's name was in a clear bowl and for each district two names were called determining the teams. If you have an odd number of people the last person to be called can "volunteer as tribute" for whatever team they want to be on.  

Archery- We borrowed a bow and arrows from my Aunt and shot them into a hay bale on top of a box in the backyard. If you do this make sure its in a safe area such as a fenced in backyard. You can also purchase fake bows and arrows with suction cups at the end that can be used inside without creating any damage. 

District Tokens- I took bottle caps spray painted them black and attached pin backings to them. Then I drew circles on Microsoft Word that when printed out fit into the bottle cap. When the guests came over to the computer I asked them what they wanted on their pin got a picture of it and fit it into the circle. I then printed them out cut out the circles and glued them into the bottle cap. This was done when the guests went off to do other activities so they wouldn't have to wait around for me to finish printing cutting and gluing. 

Camouflage- In the Hunger Games training tributes could do a camouflage activity. I recreated this by setting up a station with face paint paintbrushes and styrofoam bowls to mix the paint in.   Kinect- We set up a game on the Xbox Kinect and called it "Agility Training". The guests played this while they waited for their district tokens.

The Hunger Games- This was the big event that we did. It works best outside in the dark but can be altered to be inside. It can be separated into these three parts.

1. The Cornucopia- Everyone stood in a circle around a small tent type thing we had set up outside and raced to get bags that were inside (these were also used as goodie bags). The bags included: a glowstick bracelet candy string rocks and paperclips.

2.Silver Parachute-Everyone then ran inside and as a team used the string rocks and paper clips to try to get the balloons down. Paper baskets were taped to the bottom of the balloon and the ribbon was cut off so the guests HAD to use the materials provided. When they got the balloon down there was a clue inside the basket. The clue directed them outside to stickers with their district number on it.

3.The Games-Outside the teams used their stickers to stick on other teams backs. They were allowed to use the entire yard. When they came back in I tallied how many stickers they had on their back and what district had stuck them on. 2 points were awarded for stickers you put on others backs and 1 point was taken off per sticker on their own back. The winners each got a 10000 dollar chocolate bar. 

GAMES: Guessing Game- I put blueberries in a jar counting them as I went along. I labeled the jar "guess how many Nightlock berries" (Nightlock being the poisonous berries in the Hunger Games). I handed out pieces of paper for people to write their name and guess on. The person who had the closest guess won a Hunger Games pen and mechanical pencil.  Is it Edible- in the Hunger Games tributes could do a training activity in which they learned about what was edible and what was not in the arena. I tried to recreate this in a game. I purchased two different kinds of candy rocks and fake rocks that could look like candy and put them all into a platter. One by one the guests would come up and takes three guesses as to what was candy. Each time they guessed correctly they got to eat the candy.  Don't Eat Peeta- For this game I printed and cut out 12 images of characters from the Hunger Games one of which was Peeta.

I also cut out twelve squares big enough to cover the pictures. One person would go out of the room and the other guests would rearrange the images (knowing where Peeta is) covering it with the paper and putting a M&M on top of each card. The person who had left comes back in and starts picking up the M&M's and eating them. If they pick up the M&M on the card with the image of Peeta under it everyone yells "Don't Eat Peeta!" and the players turn ends. We gave the person who had eaten the most M&M's a bag of M&M's and a ring pop and the people who came in second each a ring pop. 

COSTUMES: We asked the guests to come in Hunger Games attire. A lot of them came in Hunger Games shirts. One girl wore all camoflauge. I dressed up as Effie Trinket since she is always planning and keeping things on schedule. I wore a pink tutu and fur vest over a pink tank top wore fake nails and eyelashes and spraypainted my hair pink. Anyone helping with the party dressed up as if they were from the capitol. 

SNACKS: We had typical party snacks like chips. We also had food mentioned in the books such as blueberries for nightlock and foods from the capitol. 

CAKE: We asked our neighbor who makes really cool cakes to make a Hunger Games cake with a mockingjay on the top. 

PARTY FAVORS: The Party favors were the bags that the guests got from the cornucopia which had candy and glowsticks in it their district tokens and a silver balloon.  Hope you got some great ideas and Happy Hunger Games!  "

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