Cooking Baking Party

Sushi Party - International Music




Cooking and Baking Party


Elaine in Vancouver, Canada / Amsterdam, NL


August 2006



This is actually a girls night idea. JAPANESE GIRL Sushi Party.

Invite a small group of girls to have you all make sushi yourselves. 

The dress code is hello kitty like (lots of pink and fluffy and knee highs and short skirts and hair in pony tails with fluffy things in them) 

Decor is basically more of the same - modern yet girly fluffy, pink plastic butterfly plates theme. 

Music - stuff like pizzicato 5 and japanese pop. 

Drinks would be cosmopolitans in martini glasses with pink umbrellas. 

Little marzipan cherries, pink facecloths that you heat to clean  your hands before you start. (I used a bright fuscia pink for everything btw). 

Then you make your own sushi etc.  Just a fun, silly girly eve.

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