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Jocie in Livonia, MI USA


July 2006


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birthday party, I wanted to do something very special.  This will be my first birthday  that I spend with my friends here in Michigan (I moved last summer), and will also be my first house  party.  We will be having the party in my backyard, which is considerably large.  Since my birthday is  in August, it will be nice and hot out.  I am planning on inviting 10-12 people, as I only want my  good friends there.  Smaller parties are also often more fun than larger ones because you get to  spend time with everyone.  I have spent hours and hours reading this site and others to try and  figure out what theme I want for my party.  I hope the following information helps you in planning  your special day! 

Theme: The theme I have decided on for my party is a candy/sweets theme.  I have not passed this  by my dad yet, but I'm sure he won't mind.  Every good party has a theme, and I decided this theme  was good.  I didn't want a traditional beach party or something like that.   

Invitations: For my invitations, my dad had the idea to make a video of myself explaining the details  of the party!  It is very inexpenisve and easy to do.  All you need is a camera, which most families  have, blank c.d.'s, and a computer.  Record yourself explaining the details of your party with a  camcorder.  Then, use a computer to edit the "invitation" (if needed) and burn it to the c.d.'s.  I  recommend making it a QuickTime file, because all computers come with it already on them.  To go  with the candy theme, I am also giving the guest a candy bar as an invitation.  However, I am going  to remove the outer wrapper (leaving the foil) and create my own outer wrapper with the details  using the computer!  Another very cool and inexpensive idea. 

Decorations: Since I will be busy planning my party, my mom will most likely be doing decorations.   Simplicity is key.  Simple balloons are wonderful.  Just fill balloons of your favorite colors (mine are  PINK PINK and PINK!!!  I also like yellow, orange, green, anything bright and fun) with helium and tie  them to trees if outside, or if inside just let them go to the celing.  I will also probably get some  maylar balloons that look like candy to decorate.  On the buffet tables (see food) and other tables,  use the same color tablecloths as balloons.  Get a mix of cheaper candy to sprinkle over the tables  as confetti.  Other than that, add your own special touches to make your party your own. 

Food: My party will most likely be afternoon/night.  We will be ordering pizza, of course.  Food  ideas for the anytime buffet table are different kinds of chips and dip, brownies, cookies, bottles/ cans of water and soda or juice, CANDY of course, and any other fun things you can think of.  Food  doesn't have to be a huge issue, it's more about the people than the food of course.  As long as  there is food that your friends will eat, you're set.  Your cake should be whatever YOU want, don't  worry about you friends. 

Fun/Games: Most likely my dad, who has worked on and off in his spare time as a D.J. for over 20  years, will be playing music through big speakers for my party so we can annoy the whole  neighborhood (haha).  I will probably get together with my two best friends, Katie and Olivia, before  the party to download any songs that I don't have that are popular and necessary for a good party.   So, there will be music, which leads to dancing.  When my guests enter, there will also be a jar of  candy, where guests have to guess how many candies are in the jar.  The winner gets the jar of  candy. 

Another fun and spontaneous thing to do is WATER BALLOONS!!  I will have a ton of water  balloons ready before the party that no one will know about.  During the party, when one of my guy  friends who I am inviting (who I happen to like) is busy talking to someone, I will pop a water  balloon right above his head.  It is a hilarious thing to do, and gets everyone laughing and having  fun!  You can always come up with your own ideas too.  Since I have a basketball hoop on my  garage, my friends (probably guys) will start a basketball game.  Let people do whatever (approved  by your parents of course) they want to keep themselves busy and having fun!! 

Parting Gifts: Again, one of my mom's specialties.  My gift bags will definitely be extravegant  because my mom loves to do them.  Whatever you do, just put in things that you and your friends  like.  Doesn't matter what it is, just do something so they can remember the party. 

Extra Miscellanious: Remember to be nice about the gifts you receive and thank each and every  person by making a custom thank you card for each person.  Also, put out a few disposable  cameras and let guests know that they should take pictures so you can have memories of you party.   Also, buy a blank scrapbook/notepad and decorate the cover according to your theme.  Then have  everyone sign it and write you a little message at the end of the party!  Cost: This party is a little pricy.  The invitations will probably cost about $20.00.  The decorations  will cost about $50.00-$100.00.  The food will cost about $100.00 for pizza, and $50.00-$75.00  for everything else.  The fun/games will run around $50.00-$75.00, since my dad can D.J. and can  get the equipment for free.  My gift bags will probably cost $150.00.  The total cost of my party will  probably be about $400.00, but yours doesn't have to be that expensive.  I hope my plans helped you to plan your party!!

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