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Next Top Model Party


Dina in Glendale, AZ USA


November 2008


Special Mention

For my 14th birthday I wanted to have a crazy party that never stopped going and thats exatly what I got!  It was America's Next Top Model themed and my friends and I bring it up at least every other day. 

Invitations: I made my invitations using a program called scrapbook factory but you can also handmake them or make them on word.  On the Front they read DINA MAIL!  and then it had a collage of pictures of me and friends through my bday years. 

Then it said...Can you take gorgeous pictures in three themed photoshoots?  Can you shine in the Covergirl commercial?  Can you own the catwalk in 3 challenges?  And, most importantly, WHO will be America's next top model?  Then on the inside it followed with the basic party info including date, time etc.  The opposite page read DO you wanna be on top?  Part of the party consists of doing a Covergirl commercial in which you only get 2 takes. 

The lines were these.  Are you ready for a night on the town?  Not without your Covergirl Lashblast mascrara.  The brush is twice the size of the leading brand, giving a a flawless finish.  Don't get caught with teeny lashes...stand out from the crowd!  Buy it now from easy breezy beautiful, COVERGIRL!  The 3 themed photoshoots were candyland, celebrity, and fairytale.  I wrote what each girl would be portraying on her invite and told her to bring any props she thought would work well. 

DECORATIONS:  Decorations were so simple, quick and cheap!  I had ANTM playing on TV and fashion magazines everywhere.  I put up pink streamers in a tent like formation and blew up pink balloons.  My makeup was all layed out on my bathroom counter and my room was turned into a hair salon.  I set up old tables and put towels on them.  Then I put about ten different irons on the to make sure they didn't burn the tables.  I took a rack that my mom puts clean clothes on and put that in my living room and loaded it with dresses and accessories. 

FOOD:  Girls are easy to cook for…PIZZA!!  My mom also made us smoothies and there was prtezels, goldfish, and chips.  One of the photoshoots needed lots of candy so it doubles as looking good and good to eat. 

ACTIVITIES:  Heres where the fun began.  When everyone got there and was settled in we started the first photoshoot which was Candyland.  I hung up a pink curtain on my front door and that was our backdrop.  I went to Walgreens and bought huge suckers and Hello Kitty suckers.  Everyone wore a bright color and I tied a bow in their hair.  Every girl also had on false eyelashes!

 We took a fan a set it below them and had lights that people would hold.  When everyone was done with all the photoshoots, my mom would pick the best shot and we would watch them all on my flat screen.  Next, the girls all lined up and I gave them an emotion.  The they had to walk down the runway giving this emotion.  Mae sure someone has a video camera handy through this party because I videotaped everything and all the footage is hilarious!!!  Then, the girls dresses like the celebrity they were portaying. We had Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Tisdale, and even Avril Lavigne.  Every girl's shoot was special. 

In mine, I took a magic marker and wrote Billy Bob on my arm because I was Angelina Jolie.  Avril Lavigne had blue hair extensions ans a ton of eyeliner.  Ashley Simspon had stringy hair and a guitar.  Then, we piled into my car and drove to the mall.  We split into 3 teams.  I explained that the rules were you had to be polite, you had to only use the 20$ I'd given them, they had to be back at the food court in 30 minutes.  I was wearing a gray tank and jeans and their task was to somehow jazz up my outfit.  The winning team got to keep all the stuff everyone bought!!!  The winning team bought me a dress shoes and earrings!!! 

Next, we came back to my house and readied for our last photoshoot, Fairytale.  We had Cinderella, Anastatia, and even Goldilocks!  All these shoots were easy and made the girls feel beautiful!  Finally, we did the Covergirl commercial shoot.  Most of the girls didin't know their lines so it was absolutely priceless.  After the girls did their commercial, they started being silly and saying the lines as a crazy girlfriend, and old grandma, and the croc hunter!!!! 

FAVORS: while we played games like big booty and snaps, my mom compiled the photos on a disk and the commercials.  We watched it together and then my mom gave one to each girl.  After that we did regular girl stuff.  Opened presents, cake, went in the hottub, watched movies.  MY friends even named me America's Next Top Model. 

CAKE:  MY cake was in the shape of a letter/envelope and read Happy Birthday ____!  So sweet!  This party really works for any age 9-99!  Enjoy your bday, because they only come once a year!

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