Americas Top Model Party

Americas Top Model -14yr- Next Top Pajama Model




Next Top Model Party


Linda in Millsboro Delaware USA


March 2008



My daughter decided to have a party after mid-terms. Being a freshman ( age 14)and taking midterms was something new and she wanted to do something to relieve all the stress and to celebrate that they were over. She is a extreme fan of America's Next Top Model. We decided to have a slumber party based on this theme.

Invitations were made up announcing America's Next Top Pajama Model Season One.We had a feeling we would do this again. Rachel designed them herself on her computer. The guest were instructed to bring their favorite craziest pajamas. We did not have to decorate up the house to much we just moved around some furniture and added a judges table. Then added some streamers hanging from the ceiling. When the girls started to arrive I took their pictures ( waist up) told them to pose however they like and some really showed me the glamour side. I developed them on my printer at home on a 8x10 sheet. Then it was time to put on your PJ's.

Ahead of time we selected a basket and filled it with all kind of different props like hats, boas, sunglasses, scarfs, and costume jewelry. This basket was placed in my daughters bedroom ( which would be called the girls dressing room)our living room we set up a judges table with clipboards and a list of questions to ask our models. The judges were my two daughters and myself. We even put on crazy hats to get into the fun.The girls all waited upstairs in the dressing room and entered the living room one by one while each judge asked them a few questions about themselves. I had one girl get really involved, she pretended she was from a foreign Country and spoke with an accent. We made the first few rounds non-eliminating so that they all can have fun.

Then the competition really got started. Some questions included why do you think you should be America's Next Top Pajama Model? Another round of questions the girls were asked to show us expressions like for example, show me excited, show me happy, sad, angry, and yes even sexy. Then call all girls back and just like the show my daughter would stand up with the photos we took earlier and start giving them their picture leaving one out. Another competition they had to take one prop from the basket and use it creatively. This was so much fun. Again after each girl was called into the room we then would ask them to leave so the judges can decide. We did this till we had two girls remaining.

The final competition was the runway ( my hallway) we turned off the lights and had everyone shine flashlights on each girl and they had to strut their stuff in their PJ's wearing anything else added from my daughters bedroom. It was a blast. We never laughed so hard. The winner one a trip to the beach with us this summer on our families boat. After a fashion show what do models like to do, yes you got it eat. We had root beer floats and snacks. Oh yeah, what a great party favor, the girls got to take home their own personal fashion picture.

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