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Next Top Model Party


Hayley in East Lansing, MI United States


August 2007


Honorable Mention

For my 15th birthday I really wanted to do an America's Next Top Model themed party. I really love the tv show, and I'd always wanted to do a photo shoot.  

INVITATIONS: For invites I made cards that look like the Tyra Mail" but put my name instead of "Tyra". I told my friends to bring anything that they think would apply to the themes that I had picked out.

THEMES: For my photo shoot I picked themes for each of the photoshoots. There were only 3 or us doing the photoshoot so I made 3 themes for each category. The first category was decades. So the themes were 60s 70s and 80s.

For the 60s I had this orange and pink backdrop and a orange fuzzy pillow and a British flag (to represent the whole mod thing going on in England).

For the 70s I had a yellow backdrop and a bean bag and a lava lamp.

For the 80s I had this crazy neon print backdrop and there was just crazy fabric all over the floor where the person was doing the shoot.

The next category I picked was stereotypes because I thought it would be fun to act like someone else for a while. The themes were preppy emo/rocker and band geek.

For the preppy shoot I had a like pink and yellow plaid backdrop. Then the model could use a golf club as a prop.

For the emo/rocker shoot I had a bloodred backdrop. I play the guitar so the model could use a bunch of different guitars as props.

For the band geek we had a plain white backround with sheet music littering the floor. Then the model could use a music score or a viola as a prop.

The next category was jobs. I asked the friends that I was inviting to tell me what there favorite job was. So then they could act it out in the photoshoot. The themes were singer designer and business women.

For the singer I had a glitzy silver metallic backdrop. With a microphone as a prop.

For the designer we had a hot pink backdrop. With a manniquin and measuring tape as a backdrop.

For the business women I had a plain white pleated backdrop. With a briefcase as a prop.

The next category was different kinds of outfits. The themes were dressy casual and haute couture.

For the dressy I had light pink backdrop.

For the casual I had a light blue backdrop. For the haute couture I had a metallic gold backdrop.

Then after we did all of those my friends and I just did some crazy pictures all together. For all of the pictures we had a fan blowing on us. For the wind-in-the-hair effect.

MAKEUP AND HAIR: For makeup and hair we all did our own. Some people would hire someone to do their hair and makeup but we had sooo much fun putting on our own makeup and hair. Doing our own stuff was part of the fun of the party. Unless you are super hair and makeup challenged then don't hire someone to do your hair and makeup. It was really fun to do it ourselves.

FOOD: For food I got a bunch of finger foods for snacks while we were doing the shoots. We had to have small food so we didn't mess up our makeup. After the photoshoot I ordered pizza. For the cake I made a cake that had a bunch of like model stuff like shopping bags sunglasses cameras stars and other random stuff like that.

MOVIES AND MUSIC: During the photoshoot we had to have fun music on to get us pumped. So we listened to a lot of like rock stuff like All American Rejects Boys Like Girls McFly Panic! At the DiscoPlain White T's and The Clash. Before we went to bed we watched America's Next Top Model on dvd.

GOODY BAGS: For goody bags I got lip gloss lotion flip flops shower gel beauty magazines eye shadow and travel sized perfumes. It was easier to get all of that stuff because I only had to buy for two people. It would be harder to do this party with a lot more people. After the party I went on the computer and uploaded the photoshoot pictures. Then I retouched them and printed them out at Target. I sent all of the pictures to each of my friends. 

This party was A LOT of fun!! I hope my party helps you guys get some ideas!! "

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