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Next Top Model Party


Laura in Brookville, NY USA


November 2007



Well, I'm sure you're all familiar with the TV show, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, and surely, every teenage girl is. I took that into concideration when brainstorming ideas about parties, and all of a popped into my head. Girls love watching it, but wouldn't they LOVE actually being apart of it?  So, I told my daughter to give me a list of about 6-10 girls.

I then ordered a photographer to come and set up at our house, and it was set up just like a photoshoot. He came with different backrounds,and we also took some fun pictures outside.

On the invitations we told the girls to dress appropriately for a photoshoot, and bring 2-3 different outfits: one formal, one causual, and one crazy outfit. I also ordered a makeup artist to come, to make the girls feel even more like celebrities. The girls had a ball, and we had food set up on the site such as different fruits, mini sandwhiches, and pizza!  

At the end of the party, we gave out favors, and about a week later, sent out the CD that the photographer gave us of all of the pictures that were taken. This way, the girls could print out the pictures that they liked! Everyone had such a great time, and I highly recommend this party for the glamorous crowd.

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