Amazing Race Party

Amazing Race Party -14yr- Blindfold Maze




Amazing Race Party


Emma in xx,xxx,usa


April 2009



For my 14th birthday party I did an amazing race party.  I invited 9 girls and we split up into 5 teams of 2.  We all started with different challenges/detours/road blocks (so the race wouldn't get backed up) there were 10 total challenges. 

There were three clue challenges.  One was a picture puzzle.  Both team members had to put together a picture puzzle of where the next clue was.  Another challenge was both team members had to get to my mailbox and back balancing a ping pong ball on a spoon, if you dropped the ball you had to start over.  The last challenge was to find the rock with your team color on it.  There are rocks surrounding my house so that was very hard. 

There were also 3 detours, which the teams have the choice to choose one task.  The first was untie it or find it.  In untie it the team members had to untie a very very hard knot in a rope and bring it to the pit stop.  In find it the team members had to find a 1975 penny and bring it to the pit stop. 

Another detour was sing it or dance it.  In sing it 1 team member had to memorize the verse to a song, and 1 had to memorize the chorus, then both had to write the lyrics down correctly.  In dance it my sister's friend taught both girls a dance and judged if they did it right.  The last detour was run it or bike it.  In run it both team members had to run to my old mailbox (maybe 2 blocks or so) and back and stay together.  In bike it both team members had to bike to another street about 5 blocks away and back and stay together. 

There were 4 roadblocks. One was a Blindfolded maze.  One team member was blindfolded and had to navigate a rope maze with obstacles with the other members directions without hitting a rope.  Another one was called Rush Hour, 1 team member had to complete one of those games with the cars and you have to get 1 car out, it was a challenging puzzle.  Another super funny one was blindfolded makeover.  On team member had to apply eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to the other team member blindfolded, and take a picture of them. 

The final road block was one team member had to eat 10 saltine crackers and whistle.  After the race was done we gave awards.  1st place got a gift card, 2nd place got a king sized candy bar, and 3rd 4th and 5th place got a regular sized candy bar.  Later we had pizza and roasted marshmallows on a bonfire and opened presents.  My party was very fun and my friends and I talked about it for a very long time!!!

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