Sweet 16 Party

Dance Party -16yr- Fancy Table & Centerpieces




Sweet 16 Party


Karla in Glenview


October 2006


Honorable Mention

Im turning 16 in May and I want to have the ultimate party. Im going over the top and I don’t care how much it costs. Im inviting 100 of my friends, guys and girls, and about 20 family members.

Im renting out a hotel ballroom at the hyatt hotel from 6pm-midnight. My color scheme is Pink, Silver and white. Im getting a pink dress (to match my scheme) and Im shopping down town so no one will have the same dress as me. Im also getting my hair and nails done too.

Im making my own invitations because I'd rather spend more money of things at the party then spend $100.00+ for something that wont be at the party and people will hardly remember, or even throw away.

My inviations will be simple and cute. They will be on white paper, with a pink robbon on top and silver sequence swirling down the edges.

As for the hotel: Tables with have white tabel clothes with big elaborate center pieces. The center pieces will be glass vases with pink and white tiger lillies and other pretty white flowers. There will be ribbons around the vases and lots of glitter and sequence and It will look gorgeous. Around the center pieces will be silver confetti, silver wrapped herseys kisses and white candels with silver and pink glitter on them. White napkins will be placed on each table, tied with a simple pink ribbon.

Disposable cameras will be placed on every table so guests  can take pictures. Pink and white streamers will be draped and twisted all over the ballroom ceiling. When the guests arrive, they will have to find their table. Each table will be named after a different pink flower that I got from a color reel (i.e frosted tulip, french petuina, etc.)  After the guests have arrived, I will make my entrance by having white and pink confetti shoot everywhere and balloons drop from a net from the ceiling and I come in. People will applaud and wish me happy sweet 16.

After we have arrived the real dancing will begin. We will dance for about an hour and then we will eat dinner. There will be food and deserts served by the hotel catering. It will be a 4 course mean consisting of a soup, salad, entrée and dessert.

There will also be a bartender that wil serve wine(for the adults) and \*virgin\* cocktails and sodas to the kids. After the dessert is served, an elegant tray of chocolate covered strawberries will be placed on each table. They will be dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate (dyed pink).

Before the desserts served they will bring out a small birthday cake made just for me. (since everyone will have a elegant desert anyway, the cake is simply for birthday tradition) Everyone will sing happy birthday and I will blow out the candles! After dinner is over dancing will start again, BUT before anyone gets to dance, the DJ will announce a Father Daughter dance.  My dad and I will dance and after the song and dance is over the DJ will announce snowball.

Everyone will get in a circle. I will pick my boyfriend to have the first dance with me and then the DJ calls snowball and the 2 of us find new people to dance with (people still waiting in the circle) after 4 or 5 snowballs the DJ calls Everybody snowball! So then people who haven't been picked can dance too. He keeps calling snowball so everyone gets to slow dance with a different guy/girl.

After snowball we will dance regular again. We will dance some more, talk, mingle and have fun. Games and Prizes will be given out by the DJ and it will be a blast! At midnight the party will end and I will give hugs, thank you's and say our goodbyes.

But that's not it. 10 of my closets friends will stay! A limo will pick us up and drive us to my house. Then we will have a sleepover open gifts and have fun (but there's no need to go into details about that.) It will be an amazing night and I'm so excited for it!

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