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Sweet 16 Party


Rachie in Canada


August 2011


Special Mention

I brainstormed ideas for the perfect Sweet 16 party, and I thought, what would be better than a Superstar/Celeb party? I have a ton of awesome ideas for any 16 year old that wants to make their birthday bash memorable as well as fab and fun!

INVITATIONS: Since the party is Superstar themed, I thought that fake movie tickets would be a really cool twist and match the theme! You can pick up big movie ticket invitations that say admit one" on the front in Party stores or places like Zellers and Walmart. If you can't find them inside the stores just print out a big picture of a golden movie ticket online! Write all the party information inside the card including anything specific or special the guests need to bring. Make sure to include the obvious like the time date place and R.S.V.P. deadline. Send them out at least two weeks before the party.

DECORATIONS: A party theme like this is amazingly cool and fun to decorate. Creativity doesn't have a limit! Select a large room for your main party room which isn't cluttered with a ton of junk or furniture. A living room party room or finished basement would be perfect! Make sure the room is brightly lit. Choose a cool colour scheme like gold red and black for movies. Purchase streamers and balloons in this colour and hang them where ever you like in the party room. You can make a canopy of streamers in the centre of the room or make curtains in the doorways. Have a lounge area set up with some couches teen magazines and a flatscreen TV. You and your guests can hang out here until everyone arrives.

Have a red carpet going down across the room. Have a dining area set up with a large table and lots of chairs. Put a gold or white table cloth with fancy dinnerware and cutlery. You can work to make it resemble the celebraties' dinner tables at the Oscar or Emmy or Golden Globe awards. All the indoor d├ęcor is set! Now for outdoors. Stretch a red carpet up the driveway to your front door to give the "grand arrival" effect. Get some volunteers to stand near by and take flash pictures of your friends arriving to get a paparazzi feel. At the foot of your driveway put a sign that says "V.I.P. PARKING ONLY" which can be found at stores like Party Packagers. Now party scenes are ALL set!

ARRIVAL: If its affordable get a stretch limo to pick up all of your guests. Have them arrive in evening gowns and heels with their hair done elegantly. If you want, everyone can come dressed as their favourite actress OR actor if they want. When the limo arrives in the driveway have your "paparazzi" flash pics of your guests as they walk the red carpet up to the door. Get them to ask questions like; "what are your upcoming films?" or "what's your favourite movie" or "whats the best part about being a superstar" and things like that. Do mini interviews with echo microphones.

ACTIVITIES: For activities do things like a fashion show. Flash pics as everyone walks the red carpet and is given a score out of ten by three judges. Host a talent show American Idol style and as well have judges giving scores. Have awards like plastic trophies and emmy awards which are available for purchase at places like Party Packagers. Have the winners give mini speeches and thank certain actors and actresses for their success. Film the show and awards to show at the awards dinner later.

GAMES: You can play some fun superstar related games like "Scene It". Play a movie trivia game in which you display a picture from a movie on the screen. The player must identify the movie the characters in the picture and what the scene is about. Give the winner a reward like candy or jewelery. OR  stick with plastic trophies. You can play freeze dance with movie music or popular songs and add some of your own creative ideas.

COSTUMES: Costumes would be the celeb dress code for the party. Have the girls were evening gowns and do themselves up really fancy and nice. You may give awards for the "best dressed" on the "red carpet".

PARTY SNACKS: Make party snacks the classics but a little more special like: Shrimp and sushi veggies and dip yogurt and berries pretzels and chocolate dip cheese and crackers smoothies and floats and a variety of candy. For dinner serve something elegant and delicious like fried chicken and steamed vegetables with a sweet 16 birthday cake for dessert. While you and your guests are eating watch the videos of the talent shows and the awards and speeches. Now you can have your very own awards dinner!

CAKE AND FAVOURS: Make the cake simple and sweet frosted in chocolate of vanilla with icing roses on top. Have it say "Happy 16TH ____________!" For favours do things like candy lip gloss lotions microwave popcorn gift certificates slippers throw away cameras CD's DVDs and beading kits.

SLEEPOVER: Allow everyone to get comfy now.You can change into comfy clothes OR pajamas. Play games like "would you rather" "boy meets girl" who's afraid of the big bad wolf" "wink murder" "trivial pursuit" and things like that. Just the classics. You can do some crazier stuff like "truth or dare" or play tag in the dark with glowsticks which is super fun and energetic! After playing all the games you want to you can do eachother's hair give each other spa massages with lotions or do nail stickers and stuff. You can do a confessions circle or a embaressing moments circle or play "fire in the house". After you play lots of games and do makeover stuff settle down for a movie on a flatscreen TV.

Watch a romantic comedy or drama like:  "She's the Man" "Sydney White" "Sleepover" "Mean Girls" "When in Rome" "The Last Song" "A Walk to Remember" "Dear John" "Material Girls" "Confessions of a Shopoholic" and stuff like that. 1-3 movies is generally a good amount for a sleepover night. After that hang out and talk or do crazy dares. Something else really fun to do is go late night shopping somewhere that's open 24 hours or even going on a run to a grocery store for midnight snacks. I'd love to have a party like this and I hoped it helped everyone who wants to have the most awesome sweet 16 party ever!!!!!!:)"

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