Sweet 16 Party

Casino Night Party -16yr- Poker & Blackjack




Sweet 16 Party


Tara in Redondo Beach,ca,USA


December 2009


Honorable Mention

Well for my sweet 16 I did a casino themed party!

PLACE: we rented out a LARGE hall type of place its got 3 different rooms. it wasn't too expensive. In one room we had tables,couches and things like that for eating and hanging out. Another room/section was for dancing. And the last room was for all the food. 

DECORATIONS: My colors were red&black. We rented slot machines and got poker tables. We set them up with red&black poker chips. We had black and red balloons, along with table cloths,chairs,and mini couch like things.We rented a DJ and had him play all night. 

INVITATIONS: For the invites they were black&red on them I wrote: YOUR INVITED to play poker all night long with Tara on her 16th birthday on ______the ____. It will go from 5pm-12am.Come dressed in RED&BLACK.RSVP BY______. I gave my closest 5 girls and 5 guys "VIP" access invites that said we would pick them up at 3 in a limo and they would stay the night at a hotel with us.There were about 100-200 people invited.189 showed up.

FOOD:we had little finger type foods nothing big. We had pigs in a blanketshrimp cocktailsmeatballs on a stickveggiesfruitsbreadchicken wings and stuff like that. DRINKS: basically VIRGIN everything haha. 

CAKE: It was a 3 layer cake in red&black. the top was chocolatethe middle red velvet and the bottom chocolate.It was decorated with poker chips and writing all over it.

FAVORS: The favors were sort of prizes too. when everyone left they got a "prize" that was a big chocolate bar and water bottle with my name and everything on the wrappers. The prizes were:$15 itunes card and $15 starbucks card.

GAMES:pokerblackjackslot machinesguess how many is in the jarbest dressed and  Everyone got a prize unless they didnt have any poker chips lol. 

ACTIVITIES: I took my two best friends to get their hair and makeup done with me at 11. When we were done we went to my house and got dressed. Around almost 3:00ish we started picking up all my VIPS and we arrived at the place at like 4:30ish.

Before everyone came in we took pictures in the frontthey had to guess how many chocolate coins were in this big jar and we gave every person a "ticket" with "$1000" on it. They could play the slot machines and card games or eat or whatever.

Around 6:30 or 7 everyone started dancing because we started playing songs to dance to like: CHA CHA slidestep in the name of lovecupid shufflecrank thatyour a jerk and stuff like that. At maybe 9 or 10most people started to eat and everything. Then around almost 11 we started to cut the cake.

After the party we gave them their favors and they went home.I took my 10 VIPS to this hotel and we basically hung out all nightgossipedtalkedate some cake and whatever else was left over. In the morning(well more like afternoon haha) we dropped everyone off at home and I went home and opened all my presents and gave out thank you cards on Monday.

The best part was that it wasn't planned. Like we just went with the flow. If you wanted to eat firstthen eatif you wanted to play gamesplay games and so forth.

Hope you have a great 16th or whatever-th birthday party too! <333"

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