Sweet 16 Party

Hollywood Night Club Party -16yr- Neon Glow




Sweet 16 Party


Lily in Foresthill Ca USA


January 2009



My sweet 16 is in April, over spring break, so i am having my party a week after. For my theme i am having Hollywood club night. I am kinda on a budget, ill be spending like no more than $250.00.

INVITATIONS: For my invites i will have the background bblack with a disco ball on it, and all my information on it, also i will be including a wristband, you have to wear it in order to get in.Im inviting like 50-60 people. Its going to be a semi-formal.

DECORATIONS: My Colors are Pink, Black, Purple and Silver. For decorations, Im gonna have a red carpet up my front deck and to the front door, on the front door there is gonna be an awards night sign with a metallic fring curtain behind it, to make the entrance to my party look cool, theres also going to be a blinking strobe ligt, it will seem kinda like paparazzi, im also going ot have people taking pictures of people walking up the red carpet.

On the inide there will be balloons and streamers everywhere. Theres a hallway where im gonna hang up sweet 16 hanging swirly decoration,

The club will have a puprle metallic fring curtain for the entrance, the inside of my family room is gonna be covered in black plastic.  We're gonna break open glo necklaces and splatter them on the black plastic. 

I'm going to have our surround sound hooked up to my ipod, where ill have a playlist put together, and all the furniture will be moved out, there will be balloons and glow necklaces scattered on the floor.

We will also have Helium Balloons around the house too. Im also going to have 16 confetti everywhere, in the club theres going to be a color disco ball and a strobe light.

FOOD: im just going to have like chex mix and sodas out in the dining room which will also be decorated in balloons and streamers, with a sweet 16 banner by the cake.

CAKE: Im going to have my mom decorate a small cake for me, and were gonna have cupcakes for everyone else. My mom is amazing at decorating cakes.

ACTIVITIES: Im going to set out twister, and a few other games in the living room for peopl who don’t really want to dance. Im also going to have a decrated box set out in the games room with small pieces of paper enxt to it where people can write our best memories down of us together, and ill read them later.

I will have a few disposable cameras put out in random areas of the house where people can take lots of pictures so I can have a lot to remember this party by, you only turn 16 once.

FAVORS: im going to get cello bags from dollartree and fill it with candy and get silver mardi gras beads in it with a thank you note. I will also have my closest friend spend the night.

This should be the BEST party I have ever thrown. Im so excited, its  not til April 18th, but im still excited for it, and I still have a bit more planning, and I need more music, but I hope it’s the best party ever!! I got most of my decorations @, party america, and dollar tree.


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