Surprise Party

Breakfast Surprise -15yr- Dounut Cake & Candles




Surprise Party


Lisa in Santa Clarita California


Sept 2002


Honorable Mention

It was our best friend Jennifer's 15th birthday and my friend Tiffany and I really wanted to surprise her.  Unfortunately, Jennifer's birthday was on a Tuesday, and we had school that day. Well Jennifer is a little shy, and does not like to be embarrassed in front of her peers by carrying silly balloons all over school or wearing a homemade shirt that says "Happy Birthday" on it so, we decided that we would have a surprise birthday breakfast for just the three of us, that morning at her house.

Then we remembered that Jennifer was on the swim team (that practices before school starts) and leaves at 5:45 am!! Even so, we decided to do it anyway. So, Tiffany and I went to a party store and bought 15 huge foil balloons with fun designs and characters on them. 

We then went to the grocery store and bought a box of Entenmanns Doughnuts orange juice, really tall (10 inch), really thin (2 millimeter)florescent candles, and a bouquet of flowers. At 5:00 (after checking our plans over with Jennifer's parents) we snuck into her house with the enormous bouquet of balloons, flowers, and breakfast. 

In the kitchen, we placed the doughnuts on top of one another and stuck in the 15 tall, skinny, candles.  We put the "Doughnut cake" on a tray and lit the candles. 

Jennifer's dad brought the video camera, Tiffany brought the mass of balloons, and I carried the lit doughnut cake. 

As we went up the stairs, the candles started to burn really quickly and wax was getting all over the top doughnut, we went up as quickly as we could, and burst into her room singing "happy birthday" as the dripping candles were bending into each other. We didn't even manage to finish the song when I yelled to Jennifer "Quick!  Blow out the candles!"  because the candles had turned into just one massive flame on top of the doughnuts!  We couldn't stop laughing and the whole thing was caught on tape. 

Jennifer was so surprised and so happy that we went to all the trouble just for her, that she started to cry! We went downstairs and laughed and ate slightly waxy doughnuts and orange juice until Jennifer had to leave. Jennifer went to school ecstatic and said it was the most thoughtful birthday surprise ever.  We still laugh about it today!

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