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Amazing Mall Race -13yr- Multiple Challenges




Shopping Mall Party


Malia in Louisville, Kentucky USA


December 2010


Honorable Mention

Okay so for my thirteenth birthday party, we had an Amazing Mall Race Party.

INVITATIONS:To my party, I invited 6 people, an even number is needed,(Since I knew the answers to everything, I wasn't a player, but I was the host, which was a huge job by itself) but I had a back-up list incase someone couldn't come. The invites said that the guests needed to meet at my house by 4:00 pm and to bring a sleeping bag for the optional sleepover.

DECORATIONS: At my house I decorated some card tables with a purple tablecloth and blue and green plates, napkins, and eating utensils (lime green, blue, and purple wer my favorite colors and the party's color theme). I hung blue and green streamers with purple balloons. We also had a few silver balloons (to be used later on in the party).

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: To get the party started we explained the rules of the race, such as no cheating, be a good sport, etc. After that, each guest took a pin and popped one of the silver balloons, each of which containing a slip of paper deciding which team they are on (there were 3 teams of 2, The Green, Blue, and Purple Teams). Then they would report to thier team leaders (My mom, Grandma, and Aunt). Then we all got into some cars and drove to the Mall. We waited outside one of the entrances until the leaders were set up inside, then I lined the teams up and we walked inside to their leaders. There they received their first challenge.

Each team had 2 things that they had to find in the mall. We gave them the store and the items barcode and money to cover the costs. These items were picked out earlier by me and were to be my gifts. Then the teams had to go to a new destination to meet with their leader for the next clhallenge. The next challenge was a scavanger Hunt" around the mall. They had to find the store listed and write down the two stores to left right of it. (we originally wanted to for example say "find a peace sign necklace" and have them take a picture of it but when we went to get permission from the mall management they said it wasn't allowed). They had 10 to do.

Then they met again to get a worksheet on picture puzzles (rebus puzzles) that they would need to complete. Then they went to the final place which was Red Robin and the resteraunt where we had dinner. After we had dinner we went back to my house were we had the final challenge. Each team had 3 envelopes that they received after completing each challenge. The contained pieces of puzzle. Each team had a different puzzle that was of my favorites (a cat soccer ball and a chocolate bar) only they didn't know what it was. The teams eventually took all the lettered pieces and arranged them to find out what the puzzle pictured. Apparently this was more diifficult than we expected because only one team finished after about 1-1 1/2 hours.

While they did that we checked their scavanger hunt and the picture puzzles and added up the times (we had timed each challenge recording the time at the start each meeting and the end) adding 10 seconds for each wrong answer.Then we had the award ceremony the team with the lowest time got first the highest last. Every person got a prize although the size of your prize depends on you placement. Each person got some money ($107 & $5). The team who finished the puzzle first got a Movie theater gift card (sorry no prizes for 2nd or 3rd). Then we moved on to cake and presents and the sleepover.

COSTUMES: For every person we made shirts 3 of each team color that said Malia's Amazing Race (one for the leaders too) and I got one too that had all 3 team colors. The shirts were white tees. We bought transfer paper( paper that is put in your printer and after you print a design on it you can iron it on to a shirt) for about $15 for a pack of 12 (a little bit on the expensive side but worth it although don't expect them to last very long. The design will start to peel after awhile). We made a design on the computer and printed them.

PARTY SNACK/CAKE:We had Kroger make an edible version of the Malia's Amazing Race logo to put on the cake which was chocolate/vanilla swirl with buttercream icing and vanilla and chocolat icecream. We mad pineapple sherbet punch and had sodas. We also had some chips for a late night snack. In the morning we had chocolate and glazed doughnuts with milk and oj.

PARTY FAVORS: Each person got a small basket full of pens pencils lipgloss little toys a notebook and a photo album. They also got a whole thind of photos from the party (by the way the entire time my main job was a photographer running around the mall tring to take pictures of everybody)They also went home with their prizes. TIPS:  -Have back up list -Get permission from the mall management and the stores so you don't get thrown out -Don't make it too long or too hard -Give the teams your cell # and make sure they have a phone so either of you can call for any reason Have fun and hope this helps! :)"

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