Shopping Mall Party

Shopping Party -13yr- Create Perfect Outfit




Shopping Mall Party


Ellie in OC oregon


May 2007



I am actually 12 years old going on 13, and I have always wanted to have a cool idea for a party. So, I have thought of a shopping party.

You can first do a game caled Make the Perfect Outfit" So you put out five shirts(if five girls playing) five bottoms five shoes and a bundle of different accessories(hats purses jewelry ect.) Next you pull names from a hat and one by one you pick a shirt & bottoms at the end everyone votes on which outfit is the best except ypurself. A parent counts the votes and announces who wins. That person will get a girly prize like a purse or lip gloss.

Another game you can play is to take pictures of cloths off the internet(about 5 or 6) and everyone on their own piece of paper will deciede what brand it is from.(make sure label is covered) who ever get the most right answers will get anothetr shop-like prize. If more than 1 person wins do rock paper scissors. Also to spice things up you can have fabulous gift prizes in a shopping bag like sunglasses lip gloss and maybe some cheesy stickers.

The last game you can play is for everyone to bring some of their own cloths or borrow others and make their own fashion show. The other people in thew party will model gor the hot designer! No one can win this game it's for fun.    

At the end of the party just have all the girls chill out eat popcorn and watch some super sassy movies thsat girls can realate to like "Clueless". After the games everyone will be wared out  so don't expect to entertain them. They'll have joy the whole night! They are old enough to have fun with each other.     

For dinner you cvan let the girls order pizza. It might sound crazy but the girls will appreciate the trust you give then to do more adult things. Also let them answer the door and pay the bill(of course with your money ;)) They will get tons of giggles out of it!     

Also you know they will stay up till 3 but just let them have fun! But if it id disrupting your sleeping habbits let them know. Just don't let them step all over you. This is supposed to be fun so don't make it "ruley" let them do almost whatever It will be fun.      

They might gossip so remember always make sure you are sending a be positive attitude and telling them not to gossip!    "

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