Scavenger Hunt Party

Scavenger Hunt -13yr- Mall Hunt Clues & Rules




Scavenger Hunt Party


Cecilia in Valrico, Florida , US


November 2006



This year was my daughter 13th birthday.  She came up with the idea for a scavenger hunt at the mall.  I usually spend several weeks planning her birthday party but this one came together in a day.  It was a huge success. 

First I bought cards, blank paper with a finger print and the word clue# at the local party store.  Then I went to the mall and decided on the places I would send the special agents and what they would have to retrieve. 

Then came the challenging part, coming up with the clues.  It was tough at first but the more I wrote the easier it became. 

We had 10 people show up on two days notice, 6 girls and 4 boys.  At the mall, I divided them into teams, boys and girls. 

Each team had a young adult captain.  As captains, my nephew and his girl friend did a wonderful job keeping it fun, while keeping it safe.  I wouldn't consider letting children walk around the mall alone.

Each team was given a bag with 21 clues and enough money to ride the carousel.

Each team also had a digital camera.

The winner would be the first team to complete the clues or receive the most points.

Each clue was assigned a point value on the back. 

Both teams had the same clues but in different order. 

Some of the clues were more challenging than others.

Clue examples: 
-  Need a credit card application :  Think Patriotic Bird   (American Eagle) 
-  Think the birthstone of the 7th month on the third day of the week:  I need an employment application from here.  (Ruby Tuesday's) 
-  Ride the horse of course. Take a picture of your team on this great adventure. (Our mall has a carousel) 
-  Take a team picture with a Hollister Manikin. 
-  Not a quarters, dimes, or nickels but ____________. 
-  Count the number of stairs on the escalator.
-  Espresso, Tea, and Coffee:  you know where to go twinkle, twinkle, little_______lets you know. 
-  I need a straw from here. Buy 1 cookie from the Great American Cookie and everyone on the team has to take a bite. 
   (My  favorite clue required a purchase ahead of time.  )
-  Find the place where hugs are worth a thousands words and where best friends are made. Find the box just for you and you will know what to do. This is of course is Build a Bear.  I had purchased the Build a Bear skin and the voice box and had them Marked for both teams.  The girls team built a bear and the boys team built a bear.  Each team's bear had a voice recorder that recorded them singing happy birthday to my daughter.  She loved these.  It something she could keep as a souviner from the party. 

Everyone had a great time.

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