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Runway Fashion Designer Party


Hadley in Westchester, New York, United States


January 2009


Honorable Mention

For my 14th birthday part I decided to have an America's Next Top Model Party because all my friends love to watch that show.

MY INVITATIONS: for my invitations I made a piece of paper with all of the basic info on it such as date, time, RSVP, place and what to bring. I told everybody ( I invited six girls) to bring three outfits: a swimsuit, a casual outfit, and a formal/elegant outfit, all of your makeup, a straightener, a curler, hairspray, a sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas, and any games or DVD's you like.

DECORATIONS: I'm having this party in my finished basement. The couch and television section is going to be my lounge" area. I'm going to spread out all of my Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazines on the ottoman. I'm going to hang a white sheet from the ceiling for elegant/formal a blue sheet for my swimsuit shoot and yellow for casual. These will be my backdrops.I'm going to hang a giant mirror. I'm covering my table with makeup and hair supplies. I'll play music in the background.I'll cover the table with a table cloth so it does not get damaged.

ACTIVITIES: First we'll sit and talk until everybody gets there. After evryone arrives we'll eat pizza (order in advance so it'll be ready for everybody when they come) Then once everybody finishes eating we will get ready for our first shoot. We will all do our hair and our makeup and then dress one by one in the laundry next to the basement. Everybody can look through the magazines for ideas.

While everyone is doing their shoot people can wait for their turn in my "lounge" they can watch tv like MTV or disney channel. Then after the first shoot we will have the challenge like they do in every episode.

My first challenge will be called the three minute challenge.  Each girl will get three minutes to find an outfit out of a pile of clothes and put on their own makeup. The girl who looks the best will win the challenge and is automatically safe from the elimination at the end of the first shoot. My mom will judge the pictures and choose who gets eliminated.  Even if a girl gets eliminated she can still be in the other shoots she just knows that she won't be the final winner its okay with my friends though we all love eachother.

The next thing we will do is the swimsuit challenge. The girls will do their hair and makeup for this one too. I will use props like shovels and pails and maybe a beachball. For this shoot we will have two challenges. Instead of cake we will have an ice cream eating contest. That will be the first challenge.

The second challenge will be the commercial challenge. Then again we will have the second elimination round.Then our final shoot will be our formal shoot. Everyone will get really fancy for this shoot. And just like ANTM the last challenge will be the "runway" challenge. Then we will do our final elimination and find our winner. We will hook the photos up to my television and have everyone look at them.

After that we will open the presents and sit down to a movie. We are going to watch The Devil Wears Prada and She's The Man. Then It will be late enough to just sit and do normal sleepover stuff like truth or dare and talk.

GAMES: some of the games I was thinking we would play would be Guitar Hero: World Tour with the guitar microphone and drums. We can also do Twister and we can have an America's next top model trivia questions!

PARTY SNACKS: We are going to  have pizza and ice cream sundaes. And of course we'll have chips and dip and veggies. All that good stuff :-).

FAVORS: I am going to buy a binder for each of my friends. I will make them a resume and put their pictures in the binders in report covers. I'll label them with their names and make them all pretty. They'll be their "portfolio's". It'll be something you can keep to remember the night. We'll wake up and eat the typical pancakes eggs donut muffin sugar cereal sleepover spread. Everyone is going to leave at ten-thirty. "

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