Quinceanera -15yr- Outfit to Match Music




Quinceanera Party


Angie in Los Angeles


September 2004



For a quinceanera you have a vals an: entrance;vals; and exit after you do the exits lights are off so you and all of your chambelanes and damas go to a outside the reception.  

If there's a room where you can all go and hide well you choose a music theme like for example: Hip-Hop merenge tropical salsa 50's or other kinds of music this is called "el baile sorpresa"

Nobody will now that you guys will dance this you choose the song and an outfit that you can all afford since they still got to pay the dress or tux rental these are appropiate clothes that go with the music  hip-hop: dark blue levis' white shoes white shirt with black cap(you can let the damas wear a shirt of the color theme) and guys white or mini skirt (black ) a shirt (color of your choice) merenge:black (or color of your choice)

Dress note: should be a dress that is free of movement not a tight one from the bottom it should be knee lenght guys tux no tie white shirt with first top buttons open so it looks like a "v" with suit. 

Tropical: a hawain or floral dress (whatever type of style you want) guys tux pants an hawain shirt  salsa:red long dress guys tux pants no suit on shirt tucked in first top buttons openlike a "v" 

50's : go to a hallowen store buy 50's costume note if your 15 th is on october you’ve got bad luck costumes are expensixe on october if your 15th is on summer your most likely to get it half the price get the poodle skirt and white shirt  guys wear jeans and black tight shirt.

NOTE:it would look nice if you ALL wear CONVERSE cuz that’s what they were wore with   Other kind of music: that's up to you what you want to wear

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