Quinceanera -15- Frank Sinatra




Quinceanera Party


Heidi in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


April 2003



Wow! How lucky am I, I get a sweet 15th and a sweet 16th.  Why? Part of my family is Brazilian, they celebrate the 15th, and then in North America we celebrate the 16th. 

My 15th is gonna be huge, my sixteenth is a year and a half away, and I think it's gonna be smaller.  Right now I'm planning my 15th, I have a really small budget.  Number One: You need a hall, these are so expensive. 

For mine, we're using the party room at my church, we pay nothing!  That saves us a lot so far.  We want something to shock people, so we're installing a pond with a waterfall, fountain, fish and fog! 

Plants will surround the plastic basin.  The dance floor has smoke machines at each corner.  The party is dinner and dance, so for dinner we're having rice, chicken, salad, pasta, and corn.  A variety of foods because of vegetarians.  For dessert, it's simply ice cream with candy to add on. 

There's a cake, but it's mostly for decoration.  There are lights and fabrics draping from the high ceiling, so it looks like a banquet,

Jazzy songs and swing tunes such as Frank Sinatra will be playing, but then are also the occasional teen favourites.  I have two groups of friends doing speeches and my mom is presenting a slide show which includes home videos and pictures.  When guests first enter the party room, there is a picture poster signing and a guestbook. 

There are plam trees all over the room.  The tables are decorated with white and candles in glasses.  There is a table filled with photographs with me from baby to 15. 

We're going to send out bags of chocolates when people leave.  The pictures will be taken by the pond, we have a centerpiece of two shadows, man and woman, swing dancing. 

My theme is elegant, classy and follows a swingy Frank Sinatra style (my favourite artist). 

I wear a white tube gown with white gloves with my hair down and a tiara.  I hope it's a success!!! Can't wait and I can't sleep either!

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