Princess Party

Arabian Princess -13yr- A Sister DJ




Princess Party


Julie in Mounds View, MN


April 2006



Hi, for my 13th birthday party my theme was Arabian/Princess. Yes these two themes are hard to put together but I did it. I invited about 40 to 50 people. 5 of my closest girl friends were my VIP's.

COLOR: My colors that were at my party were red, purple, gold, and of course pink.

PLACE: There are not a lot of good places in Minnesota that have a stage and are big enough but we finally found one. It was great it had a dance floor and a bar where my sister and her friends served pop. Then it had tables each seating around 6-8 people.

INVITATIONS: I had my invites on gold paper with deep red, purple, and pink writing on them. They basically just said Come to Princess Julie's Arabian 13th birthday party And it had like the date, time, etc. I asked the girls to bring gifts but the boys didn't have to, but they were always welcome. And I also put the clothing list of stuff that WERE NOT aloud. (Jeans, jerseys etc.) AND I WROTE IN CAPITAL LETTERS THAT PEOPLE WOULD GET KICKED OUT IF THEY WORE GOLD!!!

DECORATIONS: I had a lot of streamers with the color theme and my mom and sister did a lot of different things with balloons. One of things that they surprised me with was a huge sign on it with my name and it was bordered with pictures of me through the years. While people were coming in they had people write good comments about me.

FOOD: We had a lot of food there chips and dip, cookies, cupcakes, punch, etc. For the main course we had Pizza duh! My sister and a couple of her waiters were serving pop or water through the party if the people didn't like the punch.

GETTING READY: I had 5 VIP's come and get ready at my house before my party. I wore a really elegant gold Arabian Princess gown with a tiara to match. Then we went to my party.

MUSIC: My friend's sister had like a ton of CD's and she said she would be the DJ.

ACTIVITIES: For my grand entrance the DJ introduced me as I had about 4 of some girls from my school that I knew dress up in Arabian clothes and do a dance while 3 strong guys also from school carried me through the entrance door. It was great. I like waved and smiled.

Then since I love to dance, those girls and I had choreographed a dance before the party to Run it by Chris Brown and we performed that on the stage.

Then I danced for like I don't know an hour on the stage with my VIP's and some of the really cute guys from our class. Then I cut my cake (it was ice cream cake) and opened my presents. Almost everyone gave me one. But my parents gave me this necklace with my birthstone in it. It was beautiful.

I HAD A GREAT TIME AT MY PARTY!!! It all costed about $700-800 and it was 8:00 to like around 1:00. Even though our budget was $600 my parents let it go. I can't wait for my 16th birthday!!! It's going to be even bigger!!! I hope this inspires you and gives you an idea about your party!!! ~ Julie

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