Pool Swim Party

Pool Party -14yr- Hawaiian Theme




Pool Party


Chelsea in Riverside, California, USA


May 2006



Hey!! im having my 14 birthday this december and since i live in cali and have a pool, i can still have a  pool party!!

Guests:i want a big party so i decided to invite 25 people (15 girls, 10 boys and 10 of the  girls will sleep over!!).

Invitations: Im gonna get some plain bright colored invitations and decorate  them with glitter and hibiscusis (the hawiian flower). I'll mail them out and tell them when, where,  what time, and the number to rsvp.

I will also have a little card telling them to bring hawiian themed  clothes, and the people who are sleeping over will get a special slip in their's telling them what to bring and not to talk to anyone about it.  I don’t want anyone who isn't coming to feel left out. 

Decorations: I'm going to buy some bamboo torches and colorfull strobe lights to set the mood and ill  have lots of hibiscus flowers all over the place. Ill have colorfull plates, cups, and utensils. And  colorfull table cloths.

Fun Stuff: I'm going to have a table set up with a stereo and have someone DJ for  the party. Im also gonna have a pinata shaped like a pineapple.

Food: I'm going to have a juice bar  (lol), a pineapple shaped cake, pizza, and some snacks like fruit and goldfish crackers.

Sleepover: at  the sleepover, we are going to sleep in a tent that I will make outside and when we wake up, we will  hang out before their parents pick them up.

That’s it!! I hope it helps!!

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